Selling Personal Data | Huffingon Post

Selling Personal Data; In Huffpost Live; 2013-07-30; 25:13.

  • A video program, interviews via Skype; sound is murky.
  • A discursive overview of the issues.
Hosted by:

  • Nancy Redd

  • Robert Leshner @rleshner (San Francisco, CA) Founder, Safe Shepherd
  • Federico Zannier @zagnier (Seattle, WA) Sold Personal Data on Kickstarter; Software Engineer
  • Pritam Gundecha (Tempe, AZ) PhD Student and Research Assistant at Arizona State University
  • Jules Polonetsky @JulesPolonetsky (Washington, DC) Executive Director, Future of Privacy Forum
  • Shane Green @shanegreen (Washington, DC) CEO/Co-founder of Personal

5 Ways to Improve Your Privacy Online | TechNewsWorld

Dietrich T. Schmitz;; In TechNewsWorld; 2013-07-30.
Teaser: In this post-PRISM era, it’s only natural to assume your Internet activity is an open book — and you may just be right. “Always assume anything you put into a computer can be read by someone else and act accordingly,” said John Simpson, privacy project director at Consumer WatchDog. How to reclaim some of that lost privacy? Start with these five steps.


20 Years of Top500 Data Show Linux’s Role in Supercomputing Breakthroughs |

Libby Clark, Brian Warner; 20 Years of Top500 Data Show Linux’s Role in Supercomputing Breakthroughs;; 2013-07; 5 pages (3 of content) landing

  • Libby Clark is a Digital Content Editor at The Linux Foundation.
  • Brian Warner is a Senior Client Services Manager at The Linux Foundation.




ARIN IPv4 Countdown Plan

The ARIN IPv4 Countdown Plan has four phases, and ARIN is currently in Phase Two:

  • Phase One began in February 2011-02 when ARIN received its last /8 from IANA.
  • Phase Two began in 2012-09 when ARIN had only three /8 equivalents remaining. [More Information]
  • Phase Three begins when ARIN has two /8 equivalents remaining.
  • Phase Four begins when ARIN has one /8 equivalent remaining.


The smell of fear more powerful than previously realised | BPS Research Digest

The smell of fear is more powerful than previously thought; In Research Digest of the British Psychological Society; 2013-07-30 (or so).


de Groot JH, Semin GR, and Smeets MA (2013). “I Can See, Hear, and Smell Your Fear: Comparing Olfactory and Audiovisual Media in Fear Communication”; In Journal of Experimental Psychology. General PMID: 23855495

IETF SDN standards emerge: Southbound protocols, NFV, service chains | TechTarget

Thomas D. Nadeau; IETF SDN standards emerge: Southbound protocols, NFV, service chains; In TechTarget; 2013-07-30.


Microsoft brandishes the ‘Katana’ HTTP/2.0 server | The Register

Richard Chirgwin; MS brandishes ‘Katana’ HTTP/2.0 server; In The Register; 2013-07-30.
Teaser: Redmond brings its next-generation web server out to play


  • HTTP/2.0
    • Application Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN)
    • HTTP Upgrade
  • Katana
    • C#-based
    •  open source
    • the test code at github, here
  • HTTP/2.0 browsers (are distinct from HTTP/1.x browsers)