Welcome to Algorithmic Prison | The Atlantic

Bill Davidow; Welcome to Algorithmic Prison; In The Atlantic; 2014-02-20.
Bill Davidow is an adviser to Mohr Davidow Ventures and the author of several books, including OVERconnected: The Promise and Threat of the Internet


  • Bill Davidow (William H. Davidow), OVERconnected: The Promise and Threat of the Internet; Delphinium Books, 2011-01-04; 240 pages; kindle: $11, paper: $0.01+SHT.
  • Eli Pariser; The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We Think; 1st edition, paper: $2.50+SHT; (reprint) Penguin Books, 2011-05-12; 304 pages; kindle: $11, paper: $0.01+SHT.
  • Axciom, TransUnion, Equifax.
  • <quote>Personally speaking, I’d favor requiring all companies to destroy within, say, 48 hours, all data collected about me unless I have given explicit permission otherwise. I [Bill Davidow] would also prohibit the sale of my personal information or its use for advertising.</quote>




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ICANN seeks to tackle DNS namespace collision risks | ComputerWorld

; ICANN seeks to tackle DNS namespace collision risks; In ComputerWorld; 2014-02-27.
Teaser: Prepare to watch sysadmins freak out over appearing in logs

Original Sources

  • New gTLD collision occurrence management; ICANN; 2013-10-04; 8 pages.
    Teaser: Proposal to manage the collision occurrences between new gTLDs
    and existing private uses of the same strings
  • Mitigating the Risk of DNS Namespace Collisions; JAS Global Advisors for ICANN; 2014-02-24; 21 pages.
    Teaser: A Study on Namespace Collisions in the Global Internet DNS Namespace and a Framework for Risk Mitigation
  • Name Collision in the DNS; Interisle Consulting Group for ICANN; Version v1.5; 2013-08-15; 197 pages.
    Teaser: A study of the likelihood and potential consequences of collision between new public gTLD labels and existing private uses of the same strings
  • RFC 6761 Special-Use Domains; IETF; S. Cheshire, M. Krocghmal (Apple); 2013-02; updates: RFC 1918, RFC 2606
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