When the IoT meets customer relationship management | The Next Web (TNW)

When the IoT meets customer relationship management; Suzie Blaszkiewicz; In The Next Web (TNW); 2015-05-25.


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Exemplars
    • General Motors (GM)
    • General Electric (GE)
      <quote>For example, a yet to be released dishwasher will notify you if excess food is clogging up the load, sending you data directly related to the problem so that you can fix it before it becomes a big deal.</quote>
    • SAP
      • has an #IoT web site
      • predictive maintenance, promotion
    • Lockitron
  • Capitalize on the Internet of things: A Primer; a whitepaper; Jasper; 2015; 12 pages; regwall (pay with PII)

    • Filler; fluff; pointless.
    • The listicle
      1. The three core benefits of the Internet of Things
        1. New services
        2. Enhance existing products
        3. New ways of doing business
      2. Automate manual processes
      3. A deeper, richer understanding of what makes [your proceses] tick
    • The listicle
      • Launch
      • Manage
      • Monetize
    • Category: Service IT
      <quote>Service IT is shorthand for all of the communicationstechnologies, carrier relationships, softwareapplications, and APIs that you need to launch,manage, and monetize a connected service business.</quote>
    • Tag lines, jingles
      • Jasper is the ON switch for the Internet of Things
      • Jasper is the leader in Service IT; and the only company that delivers Service IT in the cloud.
      • Jasper’s platform has been built from the ground-up for The Internet of Things.
  • The Security, Privacy and Legal Implications of the Internet of Things (“IoT”) Part one – The Context and Use of IoTDavid Navetta, Seth Jaffe; Data Protection Report; 2015-05-19.
    tl;dr => upon the parable of the character Lazlo Hollyfeld in the fictional si-fi romcom (Real Genius, 1985); there be dragons here; risks: security, privacy, property damage, bodily injury.
  • 35% of developers don’t have time to test (script–heavy reading) some testing shop; In Their Blog; 2015-05-14.
    tl;dr => panel data, self-attestation, N=500.

Nearby Ads Serving Dynamic In Mobile Apps: A Pipe Dream Or Reality? | MediaPost

Nearby Ads Serving Dynamic In Mobile Apps: A Pipe Dream Or Reality?; ; In MediaPost; 2015-05-25.

tl;dr => a repurposed report from a stock puffer; LA-local newspaper coverage on “the turnaround.”


  • Search near me
  • ReachLocal
    • Sharon Rowlands, CEO
    • “a turnaround”
  • ReachDisplay
    • a trade name
    • an in-app display ad unit
    • Features
      • Click to call
      • Map
      • Save
      • Share
  • Supply
    • Pandora
    • GasBuddy
    • “4000 others”, popular apps
    • “100,000 others”, non-popular (niche) apps
  • Quoted
    for color, background & verisimilitude

    • Some Dude, Staff; Baird Equity Research.


  • The Mobile Fanatics – The Mobile Fanatics – How Mobile is Transforming Local Shopping; Local Search Association (LSA); 18 pages; paywall; $1000 ($50/page)
    • A Study. That. Shows.
    • press release, 2015-03-11.
    • panel, Thrive Analytics; self-attestation, N=2,147, US,18+.


Online marketer ReachLocal expects turnaround to take hold this year; staff; In The Los Angeleas Times; 2015-05-24.

  • Sharon Rowlands, CEO
    • 2014-05
    • board member, Constant Contact
    • ex-CEO Penton Media
    • ex-CEO Altegrity
    • “the turnaround”
  • Products
    • Product: (Online) (Local) search ads
    • ReachEdge
  • Founded 2003
  • Woodland Hills, CA
  • Employees: 1,900
  • Markets
    • US
    • Mexico
    • Japan
    • Britain
    • Australia
  • Lots of losses
  • 2015 American Business Award, 2015-05-08.
  • The Turnaround
    • <quote>Revenue rose to $514.1 million in 2013 from $291.7 million in 2010. The company ran into trouble last year when sales dropped to $474.9 million, and ReachLocal posted a net loss of $45 million.</quote>
    • <quote>Of the four analysts that regularly cover ReachLocal, three suggest holding the stock and one rates it as underperform</quote>

ℓp Row Sampling by Lewis Weights | Cohen, Peng

Algorithm reduces size of data sets while preserving their mathematical properties; Larry Hardesty; In Phys.org; 2015-05-20.

Original Sources

Michael B. Cohen, Richard Peng; ℓp Row Sampling by Lewis Weights; In Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC); 2015-06; 31 pages; arXiv:1412.0588.


  • Euclidean Distance
  • 1-norm
  • 2-norm
  • 3-norm


For background, color & verisimilitude…

  • Richard Karp, professor, computer science, University of California, Berkeley.

Not All Bots Are Trying to Rip Off Digital Advertisers | Adweek

Not All Bots Are Trying to Rip Off Digital Advertisers; ; In Adweek; 2015-05-25.
Teaser: But even the ‘good’ ones can cost marketers plenty.

tl;dr => there are scrapers; the unwitting serve ads into them & bill for it; the Fraud Threat List of Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) will stop it.

Original Sources

2015 Bad Bot Landscape Report; Distil Networks; 2015-05-14; 11 pages; regwall (pay with PII); press release; 2015-05-14.



  • 41 percent of bots are “disguised as” human traffic
  • 23 percent are immune to detection.
    <quote> 23 percent of bad bots were categorized as “highly sophisticated” in 2014, and immune to bot detection methods found in typical Web Application Firewalls. </quote>

Via Distil Networks, Direct Marketing


For color, background & verisimilitude

  • Ben Trenda, CEO, Are You a Human
  • Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate
  • Ben Edelman, professor, Business School, Harvard.
  • Ed Kozek, svp of product and engineering, Weather Company.

Adblock Plus Debuts a Mobile Browser That Kills Annoying Ads Automatically | Forbes

Adblock Plus Debuts Mobile Browser That Kills Annoying Ads Automatically; Robert Hof; In Forbes; 2015-05-20.




Tangential material to bulk up the piece.

Boffins at Nanjing University silently track train commuters without tripping Android checks | The Register

Boffins silently track train commuters without tripping Android checks; staff; In The Register; 2015-05-26.

Original Sources

Jingyu Hua, Zhenyu Shen, Sheng Zhong; We Can Track You If You Take the Metro: Tracking Metro Riders Using Accelerometers on Smartphones; arXiv:1505.05958; 2015-0522; 13 pages.


  • Who
    • Jingyu Hua
    • Zhenyu Shen
    • Sheng Zhong
  • Nanjing University
  • ensembleinterval classifier
  • semi-supervised learning
  • Android (currently) does not require permissions to access the accelerometer.


  • Accelerometers
  • Nanjing Metro
  • 92% accuracy


Can Mozilla Halt Firefox’s Slide and Break Up the Mobile Internet Duopoly? | MIT Technology Review

Can Mozilla Halt Firefox’s Slide and Break Up the Mobile Internet Duopoly?; George Anders; In MIT Technology Review; 2015-05-22.
Teaser: Mozilla helped an open Web flourish in the 2000s. Now it’s struggling to play a meaningful role on mobile devices.


  • LATAM consumers expect an FM radio receiver in their telecom Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE).
  • <quote>Without a big cost advantage, Firefox and its carrier allies have been in the awkward position of championing an unfamiliar new approach that can’t dodge the competition.</quote>, sounds very b-school case-study-ish.
  • Trial by reporter
    • didn’t like it → calls it unfinished.
    • ZTE Open C ($119); via eBay
    • T-Mobile ($40/month)
    • No apps.
    • No store.
    • Usabillity problems
    • Missing: <quote>the seamless fusion</quote>
  • Mozilla financials
    • Unclear
      • Does not publicly report, much or clearly.
      • Statements not available since 2013 (this being 2015-Q2)
      • The Foundation vs The Corporation
    • Business model is distribution of search engine access via the “default search engine” effect; this changes yearly and regionally.
    • Desktop browser market share is 11% and falling.
    • Mobile browser market share is 0% and flat.

Bites of Sound

  • Mission Accomplished <quote> “I think we’ve successfully transformed a desktop company into a mobile company with this project, I don’t think we saw the full extent of how much Firefox OS could influence the whole mobile industry.”</quote>, attributed to Andreas Gal.
  • Operating System as Culture <quote>Once consumers settle into the far-reaching embrace of the Android or iOS mobile experience, there’s hardly any chance of their voluntarily adding the Firefox browser to the mix. Doing so would be as pointless as bringing one’s own fork to a restaurant.</quote>

Firefox OS

  • Versions
    • Firefox OS v1.3 (current)
    • Firefox OS v2.0 (next)
  • Concept
    • hardware: < $100
    • everything done “in browser” “in JavaScript”
  • Availability
    • From 2013-Q2
    • Markets
      • Spain
      • Columbia
      • Venezuela
    • Not available in the US
      • try eBay
  • Partners
    • Telecom
      • Alcatel One , FR.
      • Telefónica, ES.
      • ZTE, CN.
      • 24 carriers
      • Verizon, US → 2016
    • Hardware
      • Qualcomm
      • LG
    • Services
      • Nokia Maps, via ZTE, referred to as “musty”
  • Competition
    • Android
      • $45
      • Philippines
  • Capabilities
    • Mobile web has issues
      • LinkedIn → doesn’t work; is “not a priority”
        (ahem, this is true on Android too)
      • Bank of America → renders as desktop; not suited for a small screen
      • WhatsApp → available since 2015-01.
  • Missing: <quote>the seamless fusion</quote>
    • maps
    • directions
    • speech recognition
    • hotel listings
    • bus schedules
  • Future
    • Verizon, US in 2016.
    • Tom Tom → maps and driving directions.


In rough order of appearance

  • Andreas Gal
    • Age 39
  • Chris Jones
  • Erik Spiekermann
    • Berlin, DE
  • Denelle Dixon-Thayer, senior vice president for business and legal affairs, Mozilla.
  • Developers
    unnamed, contributions are described

    • swipe →a (guy) Spaniard in Amsterdam
    • 600 emoji →a (woman) Canadian, age 20-30
  • Bill Walker, senior manager, Firefox’s mobile marketplace, Mozilla.


For color, background & verisimilitude

  • Ryan Reith, mobile program director, International Data Corporation,


but uncited

  • Mitchell Baker (Mozilla Foundation); blob post; In Their Blog; 2014-11.
  • Andreas Gal (Mozilla); blog post; In Their Blog; 2011-07.


AdBlock Plus mobile browser could devastate publishers | Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

AdBlock Plus mobile browser could devastate publishers; staff; In Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC); 2015-05-25.
Teaser: About 215 million people will use ad block services on their computers by June, [Eyeo] estimates



  • Ben Williams, communications and operations director, Eyeo.
  • Sean Blanchfield, co-founder, PageFair

Institute for Communication Technology Management, Marshall School of Business, USC

Digital Home

  • USC CTM Digital Home 2 Study; 1 page.
    • Project Summary
      • Everyone owns a computer & a TV
      • Half own a phone
      • Half own a tablet or eReader thingy.
    • Survey, N=6,600, Nort America

Going Mobile

Future of Media

How Much Media

  • How Much Media, 2013: Report on American Consumers; James E. Short;  Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California (USC); 2013; 52 pages; paywalled (pay with PII); landing.

    • <quote>James E. Short, is a Visiting Researcher with the Institute for Communication Technology  Management at the USC Marshall School of Business. He is lead scientist for the Center for Large-Scale Data Systems Research (CLDS) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego.</quote>
    • Promotions:
  • How Much Media 2, 2014; James E. Short (CTM); seens like this was just a press release.

    • Model-based analysis of the original data
    • Promotions
      • You’re Not Paying Attention; press release; press release; Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California (USC); 2014-12-03; also at phys.org.
        Teaser: USC CTM Research Provides New Model of Media Consumption in ‘Age of Interruption’


Roger Bohn, James Short (USCD); Measuring Consumer Information; In International Journal of Communication, Volume 6; 2012; pages 980-1000 (21 pages).

Towards Understanding Residential Privacy by Analyzing Users’ Activities in Foursquare | Jin, Long, Joshi

Lei Jin, Xuelian Long, James B.D. Joshi; Towards Understanding Residential Privacy by Analyzing Users’ Activities in Foursquare; In Proceedings of 2012 Workshop on Building Analysis Datasets and Gathering Experience Returns for Security (BADGERS); 2012-10-15; 8 pages.


Location-based social network systems (LBSNSs) are becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, privacy of users’ information in these systems is becoming a huge concern. In LBSNSs, such as Foursquare, users’ residential addresses and their check-ins at the residential venues are regarded as sensitive and private information as the exposure of such information can reveal users’ home addresses and their absence from their homes. Analysis of users’ activities involving residential venues in LBSNSs, therefore, provides useful insights into users’ residential privacy concerns. In addition, such analysis can help researchers to better understand users’ activities related to their residential privacy so as to develop better privacy protection mechanisms. In this paper, we first analyze Foursquare data to explore the following questions related to users’ residential privacy:

  1. how users share the addresses of the residential venues;
  2. how users share their check-ins at the residential venues.

Our analysis shows that users tend to be aware of their residential privacy and try to protect their personal information in Foursquare. During the data analysis, we also identify several system vulnerabilities and privacy risks that can be exploited to violate users’ residential privacy in Foursquare. Such vulnerabilities and privacy risks are actually caused by the system’s design flaws and users’ incautious activities. Based on the results of the data analysis, we then propose a framework that includes access control and alert mechanisms to address these privacy issues.