The Cloud Architect: A Necessary Evil? | DZone

The Cloud Architect: A Necessary Evil? Thomas Cozzolino; In DZone; 2015-10-24.

tl;dr → yes.  We are all cloud netizens now. On rented computers, multitenant service-bureau SaaS is the future, now!


Matthew Tamayo-Rios, founder Kryptnostic, is The Man Who Wants To Encrypt Everything With Homomorphic Encryption | Forbes

The Man Who Wants To Encrypt Everything; Thomas Fox-Brewster; In Forbes; 2015-09-09.


  • Matthew Tamayo-Rios
  • Kryptnostic
    • $2M funding
    • Funding
      • Index Ventures
      • Felicis Ventures
      • Harrison Metal, a fund of Michael Dearing
    • Product (unclear)
      • Kodex, a free “lite” version of his file-sharing and chat service as a consumer app on iOS and Android.
    • History
      • Ivy Nye, cofounder, quit after 6 months
      • Sina Iman, quit over management philosophy; now at Aurora Technologies (ex-Palantir folks)
    • Promotions
      • An academic paper is promised.
      • “no reason to believe that Kryptnostic uses in practice something different from what is described on the paper”, attributed to Ludovic Perret
      • Theoriticians
        • Ludovic Perret, University of Paris (UPMC)
        • Jean-Charles Faugère, INRIA
    • Competition

Attacking the Network Time Protocol | Malhotra, Cohen, Brakke, Goldberg

Aanchal Malhotra, Isaac E. Cohen, Erik Brakke, Sharon Goldberg; Attacking the Network Time Protocol; In Some Venue; 2015-10-21.

Attacking the Network Time Protocol
Aanchal Malhotra, Isaac E. Cohen, Erik Brakke, and Sharon Goldberg
ePrint (Cryptology) Report (2015/1020). 2015-10-21.


We explore the risk that network attackers can exploit unauthenticated Network Time Protocol (NTP) traffic to alter the time on client systems. We first discuss how an on-path attacker, that hijacks traffic to an NTP server, can quickly shift time on the server’s clients. Then, we present a extremely low-rate (single packet) denial-of-service attack that an off-path attacker, located anywhere on the network, can use to disable NTP clock synchronization on a client. Next, we show how an off-path attacker can exploit IPv4 packet fragmentation to dramatically shift time on a client. We discuss the implications on these attacks on other core Internet protocols, quantify their attack surface using Internet measurements, and suggest a few simple countermeasures that can improve the security of NTP.



The Increasingly Crowded Unicorn Club In One Infographic | CB Insights

The Increasingly Crowded Unicorn Club In One Infographic; staff (CB Insights); In Their Blog; 2015-10-26.



overcrowded unicorns v2 cover

Negative Gross Margins | Fred Wilson, AVC

Fred Wilson; Negative Gross Margins; In His Blog entitled AVC; 2015-10-21.

tl;dr → yes it’s a bubble; look at all these unsustainable business models.


  • timetable: one year (before The Wall)


  • Fred Wilson; Winner Takes Most; In His Blog; 2015-10-18.
    tl;dr → something about Bitcoin’s blockchain (he’s talking his own book?); blockchain has network effects.


  • on-demand services
  • negative gross margins
  • loss-making enterprises
  • buying market share
  • lock-in
  • monopoly businesses


They said so too

  • Bill Gurley
  • Mike Moritz

The Great Silicon Valley Bubble Machine | The Atlantic

The Great Silicon Valley Bubble Machine; Adrienne LaFrance; In The Atlantic; 2015-09-20.

tl;dr → Are we in a bubble? Self-attestation survey says yes; some lesser fools are quoted (saying no, hoping to entrain more greater fools).



For color, background & verisimilitude … activists & startup boosters.

  • Danah Boyd, principal researcher, Microsoft Research; Data & Society Research Institute; an activist.
  • Kevin Kelly, co-founder, Wired; a pundit.
  • Katrina Lake, the founder & CEO, Stitch Fix, a startup.
  • Todd McKinnon, CEO, Okta.
  • Andrew Thompson, CEO, Proteus Digital Health.
  • Marco Zappacosta, CEO, Thumbtack.

How Useful Is Christensen’s Theory Of Disruptive Innovation? | Forbes

tl;dr → it is wrong; it is merely a warning to others.

Everyone is covering the paywalled article.

Original Sources

  • Andrew A. King (Dartmouth), Baljir Baatartogtokh; “How Useful Is the Clayton Christensen’s Theory of Disruptive Innovation?”; In MIT Sloan Management Review; Fall; 2015-09; paywall.


Why it’s OK to Block Ads | Oxford Ethics

Why it’s OK to Block Ads; James Williams (Oxford); In Their Blog; 2015-10-16.

tl;dr → because it’s a form of protest: <quote>In reality, ad blockers are one of the few tools that we as users have if we want to push back against the perverse design logic that has cannibalized the soul of the Web.</quote>