<quote>Covisint provides the cloud platform of choice for enabling the Internet of Things and identity-centric solutions.</quote>

They sell “solutions” in the areas of

  • (Federated?) & (Cloud?) Identity a la SAML & PKI
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Connected Supply Chain
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)

They seem to be doing some email campaigning these days…

The Righteous Mind | Jonathan Haidt

Viewpoint Diversity in the Academy | The Righteous Mind | Jonathan Haidt


  • academic
    • professor, NYU, page
      Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership, Stern School of Business, New York University.
    • ex-University of Virginia
    • Ph.D., University Pennsylvania
    • B.A., Yale
  • A TED Talker.



Advertising Trade Groups 4AS & ANA Split Over Transparency Guidelines | WSJ

Advertising Trade Groups Split Over Transparency Guidelines; Nathalie Tadena; In The Wall Street Journal (WSJ); 2016-01-28.
Teaser: American Association of Advertising Agencies and Association of National Advertisers didn’t agree on language

tl;dr → there may or may not be buying incentives (kickbacks, rebates, bribes) from media sellers (publishers) paid to agencies for representing their material,forcing advertisers to pay more; buyers (advertisers) want to know & believe there are latent sales terms in place; sellers (agencies) represent that there is nothing untoward going on and nothing ot see here, please move along.


  • American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As)
    represents agencies (hence the name)
  • Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
    represents advertisers (ahem, hence the name)
  • The 4As Issues Transparency Guiding Principles of Conduct; press release; 2016-01?
    Statement: Transparency Guiding Principles of Conduct
  • ANA conducts an investigation into transparency in the industry
    • In 2015-10
    • Commissioned a Study. That. Shows.
    • contractors
      • K2 Intelligence
      • Ebiquity/FirmDecision
    • Issues
      • kickbacks, rebates, bribes → <quote>agencies may have arrangements in place with media sellers that reward the agencies for spending more</quote>
  • Transparency Guiding Principles of Conduct” lays out nine principles.
  • Occasion
    • 2015-03
    • Jon Mandel, former CEO, Mediacom.
    • alleged
      • rebates, kickbacks
      • from media sellers (publishers) to agencies (buyer agents)
      • at the expense of buyers (advertisers)


  • Nancy Hill, Chief Executive, 4As
  • Bob Liodice. , Chief Executive, ANA
  • Jon Mandel, ex-CEO, Mediacom


important advertisers

  • Bank of America
  • L’Oreal
  • MasterCard
  • Procter & Gamble


In The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

Want to Write a Compiler? Two Papers are Recommended | James Hague

James Hague; Want to Write a Compiler? Just Read These Two Papers; In His Blog; 2008-06-29.

Jack Crenshaw; Let’s Build a Compiler; In archives of comp.compilers; a series; 1988→1995; 391 pages (typewritten); landing.

Table of Contents

Culture: Pascal, P-Code

Dipanwita Sarkar, Oscar Waddell, R. Kent Dybvig; A Nanopass Framework for Compiler Education; In Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference on Functional Programming; 2004; 15 pages.


A compiler structured as a small number of monolithic passes is difficult to understand and difficult to maintain. The steep learning curve is daunting, and even experienced developers find that modifying existing passes is difficult and often introduces subtle and tenacious bugs. These problems are especially frustrating when the developer is a student in a compiler class. An attractive alternative is to structure a compiler as a collection of many fine-grained passes, each of which performs a single task. This structure aligns the implementation of a compiler with its logical organization, simplifying development, testing, and debugging. This paper describes the methodology and tools comprising a framework for constructing such compilers.

Culture: Scheme

What Mobile Ads Know About Mobile Users | Son, Kim, Shmatikov

Sooel Son, Daehyeok Kim, Vitaly Shmatikov; What Mobile Ads Know About Mobile Users; In Proceedings of the Network and Distributed systems Symposium (NDSS); 2016-02-21; 15 pages; Also presented at PrivacyCon; Federal Trade Commission (FTC); 2016-01-14; Comment 00006-97209.


We analyze the software stack of popular mobile advertising libraries on Android and investigate how they protect the users of advertising-supported apps from malicious advertising.

We find that, by and large, Android advertising libraries properly separate the privileges of the ads from the host app by confining ads to dedicated browser instances that correctly apply the same origin policy. We then demonstrate how malicious ads can infer sensitive information about users by accessing external storage, which is essential for media-rich ads in order to cache video and images. Even though the same origin policy prevents confined ads from reading other apps’ external-storage files, it does not prevent them from learning that a file with a particular name exists. We show how, depending on the app, the mere existence of a file can reveal sensitive information about the user. For example, if the user has a pharmacy price-comparison app installed on the device, the presence of external-storage files with certain names reveals which drugs the user has looked for.

We conclude with our recommendations for redesigning mobile advertising software to better protect users from malicious advertising.

Networked: The New Social Operating System | Lee Ranie, Barry Wellman

Lee Rainie, Barry Wellman; Networked: The New Social Operating System; The MIT Press, reprint; 2014-02-14; 376 pages; kindle: $10, paper: $3+SHT.

Lee Rainie is Director of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and former managing editor of U.S. News and World Report.

Barry Wellman directs NetLab at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. He is the founder of the International Network for Social Network Analysis and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.


  • Information Communication Technologies (ICTs)
    apparently a generic & fancy term covering everything from PSTN, bulletin board, forums, email, newsgroups, web sites and on to the modern chat apps.


from the commentariat at Amazon

<quote>The central message is the increasing capacity of individuals to act independently with great impact. The potent anecdotes and solid data make for a convincing presentation, but in the final chapter on “The Future of Networked Individualism” the authors unleash their imagination by suggesting compelling possibilities and troubling dangers.</quote>

Something about a shift from “groups” to “networks.”

The Revolutions
  • the network revolution
  • the internet revolution
  • the mobile revolution
Social Effects
  • family life
  • work
  • contact with friends
  • information spread
  • etc.
The Scenarios
  • an optimistic scenario
  • a dystopian scenario

The sci-fi futures, riffage thereon.
<quote><snip/>the text refers to various surveys conducted by Pew Internet and several other similar groups</quote>

Tiger Cub Strikes Back: Memoirs of an Ex-Child Prodigy About Legal Education and Parenting | Peter H. Huang

Peter H. Huang (University of Colorado Law School); Tiger Cub Strikes Back: Memoirs of an Ex-Child Prodigy About Legal Education and Parenting; In 1 British Journal of American Legal Studies 297 (2012); 2011-11-11; 51 pages; ssrn:1958366.


I am a Chinese American who at 14 enrolled at Princeton and at 17 began my applied mathematics Ph.D. at Harvard. I was a first-year law student at the University of Chicago before transferring to Stanford, preferring the latter’s pedagogical culture. This Article offers a complementary account to Amy Chua’s parenting memoir. The Article discusses how mainstream legal education and tiger parenting are similar and how they can be improved by fostering life-long learning about character strengths, emotions, and ethics.


  • Amy Chua
  • tiger mom

Separately noted.

Nielsen Teams Up with BARTRENDr: Enhanced Measurements of the Social Drinking Scene Coming | Mobile Marketing Watch

Nielsen Teams Up with BARTRENDr: Enhanced Measurements of the Social Drinking Scene Coming; In Mobile Marketing Watch; 2015-12-29.

tl;dr → cut & paste of a press release

Original Sources


  • Nielsen
  • Nielsen Bar Moments, a product name


  • Danny Brager, SVP,Beverage Alcohol practice, Nielsen.
  • Devon Bergman, co-founder, CEO, BARTRENDr.