The Architect Elevator – Visiting the Upper Floors | Gregor Hohpe

Gregor Hohpe; The Architect Elevator – Visiting the Upper Floors; In Martin Fowler’s Blog; 2017-05-24.

tl;dr → an architect must be able to speak argot to a wide range of cultures; the architect travels to meet the client & the service workers, they do not travel to meet him.  The elevator is a metaphor for SES in the workplace.


Photo of Gregor Hohpe<quote> is an IT architect who’s been building systems in a start-up, consultancy, internet giant, and corporate IT environment. He likes to untangle complex topics to make them approachable without dumbing them down, while spicing things up with pointed metaphors. He likes to tinker with Raspberry Pi’s and IT organizations. His Internet home is</.quote>


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