Five Minds for the Future | Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner; Five Minds for the Future; Harvard Business Review Press; 34447th edition (per Amazon); 2009-01-06; 224 pages; Amazon:1422145352: Kindle: $10, paper: $1+SHT.


The disciplined mind
to learn at least one profession, as well as the major thinking (science, math, history, etc.) behind it.
The synthesizing mind
to organize the massive amounts of information and communicate effectively to others
The creating mind
to revel in unasked questions – and uncover new phenomena and insightful apt answers
The respectful mind
to appreciate the differences between human beings – and understand and work with all persons
The ethical mind
to fulfill one’s responsibilities as both a worker and a citizen


  • Minds, not personas.
  • Leadership training framework.
  • A self-help theory.
  • Which future?

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