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Paul Ford (PostLight); Decentralize It!; hosted centrally on Medium; 2017-08-23.
Paul Ford is co-founder PostLight; adviser to Medium.

tl;dr → dude, literally nothing is stopping you from performing your vision, as you’ve outlined it (the servers-at-home thing). Nike! (recipe below)


Chelsea Barabas, Neha Narula, Ethan Zuckerman; Defending Internet Freedom through Decentralization: Back to the Future?;a book?; The Center for Civic Media & The Digital Currency Initiative; MIT Media Lab; 2017; 113 pages; separately filled, noted.
tl;dr → theoretical; mentions Bitcoin on page 2; offers a cook’s tour of the boosterist community and their projects: Freedom Box, Diaspora, Mastodon, Blockstack, Interplanetary File System (IPFS), Solid, Appcoins, Steemit.



  • He does note the irony paradox contradiction between his words and his actions.
    <quote>I’m writing this on a centralized platform called Medium.</quote>
    The Socratic Method: And why is that?
  • Anyone can stand up a server and put it in the hall closet.
    Convincing other people to access it reliably & consistency has always been the problem.


  • Fedora
  • ownCloud,
  • and the rest
    • sendmail
    • dovecot
    • httpd
    • bind
    • openvpn
    • etc.



Librem 5A Security and Privacy Focused Phone; separately filled.


  • <quote>Centralized things end up easy to use and make money for relatively few people. </quote>
  • <quote>The web is inherently decentralized, which has made it much easier for large companies to create large, centralized platforms. </quote>


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