How the Personal Data Extraction Industry Ends | Doc Searls

Doc Searls; How the Personal Data Extraction Industry Ends; In His Blog, centrally hosted on Medium; 2017-08-28; originally tracked as bitly:dtxtrcn inbound to His Blog; 2017-08-27.

tl;dr → The advertising industry has been outlawed by GDPR.


Who Owns the Internet? — What Big Tech’s Monopoly Powers Mean for our Culture; Elizabeth Kolbert (bio); In The New Yorker; 2017-08-28; separately filled.
Teaser: What Big Tech’s monopoly powers mean for our culture.
tl;dr → promotes the books


  • Use of Google Trends,to highlight interest in the terms
    • GDPR.
    • Big Data
    • IBM
    • McKinsey
    • SAP
    • Hewlett-Packard (HP);
      which? HPE or HPQ?
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft
    • Gartner
  • Vendor-defined terms
  • Customer-defined terms.


  • Amazon, is good
  • Apple, is good
  • Facebook, is bad
  • Google, is bad.
  • Netflix, is bad.


  • B2B
  • B2C
  • C2B
  • C2C, a.k.a. a stich-N-bitch, a coffee klatch, a tailgate;
    supplied for completeness; of course that’s a thing.
  • egology, a neologism
    defined as an amplification of monopoly; frustration is expressed.
  • epiphenomenal, is a word.




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