Amazon Sparks Hiring Rift in Overlooked Silicon Valley City | WSJ

Amazon Sparks Hiring Rift in Overlooked Silicon Valley City; ;  In The Wall Street Journal (WSJ); 2017-08-11.
Teaser: In East Palo Alto, residents protest tech giant’s proposed workaround to hire-local ordinance


  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Tesla
  • IKEA
  • Home Depot
  • McDonald’s
  • East Palo Alto “first source hiring policy” ordinance since 2001
    requiring companies put in a “good-faith effort” to hire locally.
  • The “Jobs”
    • Amazon hires cloud-services unit, Amazon web services, and “other teams.”
      requested a variance on first source hiring.
    • Four Seasons requires “high-level of customer service,” & English proficiency.
    • McDonald’s hires workers.
    • Home Depot, ibidem.
    • IKEA, ibidem.
  • Ruben Abrica, city council member, East Palo Alto.
  • Greg Schrock, associate professor of urban studies and planning, Portland State University
    quoted for color, background & verisimiliitude.
    <paraphased>Such policies tend to better cater to jobs in retail, manufacturing and construction.</paraphased>
  • with the map of the region
    provided for the benefit of the home town audience, back in New York.
  • with estimated household income levels
    provided to slake the sullen anger at the petit bourgeoise amongst them.


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