What the Rich Won’t Tell You | NYT

What the Rich Won’t Tell You; Rachel Sherman; In The New York Times (NYT); 2017-09-08.
Teaser: “There’s nobody who knows how much we spend. You’re the only person I ever said those numbers to out loud.”
Rachel Sherman, associate professor of sociology, The New School.

tl;dr → an ethnography, a diagnostic: they are embarrassed by it. a remediation is indicated.


Rachel Sherman; Uneasy Street: The Anxieties of Affluence;
Princeton University Press; 2017-08-29; 328 pages; ASIN:0691165505: Kindle: $18, paper: $24+SHT.


<quote>Instead, we should talk not about the moral worth of individuals but about the moral worth of particular social arrangements. Is the society we want one in which it is acceptable for some people to have tens of millions or billions of dollars as long as they are hardworking, generous, not materialistic and down to earth? Or should there be some other moral rubric, that would strive for a society in which such high levels of inequality were morally unacceptable, regardless of how nice or moderate its beneficiaries are?</quote> [the question is left to the reader, the author already has her answer]

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