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Baseball Is Broken; ; originally in Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter, syndicated into Slate for distribution (it coulda been centrally hosted on Medium, don’t ya know!); 2017-09-01.
Teaser: If you took home runs out of the game, you would get a sport that is basically unwatchable.

tl;dr → A game is drifting into four hours.  Except for the sporadic home runs, the game is unwatchable.   The game is low-offense, low-singles, high-strikeout game.
and → Very inside baseball. Thank you, thank you very much.  I will be here all week. Tip your waitron.


  • The HR/FB rate
  • The (over-)shift.
  • The Guillen Number is run on homers as a percentage of all runs.
  • The Pro V1 Baseball


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