The promise of managing identity on the blockchain | TechCrunch

The promise of managing identity on the blockchain; ; In TechCrunch; 2017-09-10.

tl;dr → Yes, no, maybe so. Equifax. ForgeRock, Okta. Ping Identity.


  • only when practiced in its purist form.


The Suitcase Words
  • Identity Management (IDM)
  • public blockchain
  • public permissionless blockchain
  • distributed ledger technology (Distributed Ledger Technology)
  • distributed nodes
  • attack surface
  • Vista Equity Partners bought Ping Idenitty for $680M in 2016.
    Vista Equity Partners, private equity firm
  • LDAP (the “old way”)


  • Jerry Cuomo, Fellow and VP of blockchain technologies, IBM.
  • Steve Wilson, staff, Constellation Research.
  • Eve Maler, staff, ForgeRock.
  • Charles Race, president of worldwide field operations, Okta.
  • Andre Durand, CEO, Ping Identity
  • Ian Glazer, an expert.


Nothing. It recirculates.


In TechCrunch

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