The Path of the Blockchain Lexicon (and the Law) | Angela Walch

Angela Walch (St. Mary’s University School of Law); The Path of the Blockchain Lexicon (and the Law). 36 Review of Banking & Financial Law 713. 2017-03-24; N pages. ssrn:2940335

tl;dr → It’s a glossary, an explainer; it’s an admonishment that there is vapor, snakeoil and bullshit being sold (or maybe not), but surely so. Cites the infinite effluent of boosterist blog posts, intrade media, reporterware linkbait & punter longread thinkpieces (e.g. posts hosted on the central repository Medium, e.g. that, previously filled).

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Blockchain Technology’s Unsettled Terminology
  3. Terminology Headaches for Regulators
  4. The Mutable Meaning of “Immutable”
  5. Mitigation Strategies
    • Learn Everything About Blockchain Technology
      1. Cultivate Expertise
      2. Consult with Other Regulators across Jurisdictions
      3. Follow Activity by Standards Organizations and Academia
      4. Watch and Learn: Buy Time Until the Language and Technology Stabilize
    • Adopt a Critical Mindset in the Education Process
      1. Seek to Separate Hype from Reality
      2. Consider the Source (and the Source’s Incentives)
      3. Seek Diverse Perspectives
      4. Doubt Everything and Trust No One: Timeo Thought Leaders Et Dona Ferentes
      5. Don’t Just Follow the Herd: Resist Peer Pressure
    • Conclusion


  • blockchain technology
  • distributed ledger technology (DLT)
  • shared ledger technology (SLT)
  • Bitcoin
  • cryptocurrencies
  • digital currencies
  • central bank digital currencies
  • tokens
  • terminology
  • standards
  • innovation
  • regulation

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