Disruptive Fixation: School Reform and the Pitfalls of Techno-Idealism | Christo Sims

Christo Sims; Disruptive Fixation: School Reform and the Pitfalls of Techno-Idealism; Princeton Studies in Culture and Technology; Princeton University Press; 2017;; 232 pages;; Princeton. ISBN::9780691163994, ISBN::9780691163987, ISBN::9781400885299; ASIN:0691163995: Kindle: $18, paper: $20+SHT.

tl;dr → <quote>Conceived by a team of game designers </quote>, it didn’t work. It <quote> reverted to a more conventional type of schooling with rote learning, an emphasis on discipline, and traditional hierarchies of authority. <snipo/> gender and racialized class divisions also emerged.</quote>

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Cycles of Disruptive Fixation
  3. Spatial Fixations
  4. Pedagogic Fixations
  5. Amenable and Fixable Subjects
  6. Community Fixations
  7. Conclusion: The Resilience of Techno-Idealism
  • Appendix Ethnographic Fixations
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index

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