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Bill Wise (MediaOcean), Boris Mouzykantskii (IPONWEB); For Blockchain To Work In Ad Tech, We Need To Be Honest About Its Challenges; within Data-Driven Thinking, a series in AdExchanger; 2017-08-28.
Bill Wise is co-founder and CEO,  Mediaocean
Boris Mouzykantskii is founder, CEO and chief scientist at IPONWEB.


  1. Not Ready For Real Time
  2. Blockchain Requires Standards
  3. Solutions In Search Of Problems
  4. A Matter Of Trust
  5. Hype
  6. Getting Everyone On Board


  • 0.1 q/s → “vanilla” blockhain
  • bigger → Lightning Network
  • 1,600 q/s → Coco Framework
  • 5M q/s → current RTB


  • Adam Helfgott, founder, Ad Ledger


  • <quote>Given that blockchain is essentially a radically secure version of decades-old distributed ledger technology, it’s often worth asking, given that not all blockchains are as secure as they seem, if a blockchain is really necess
  • ary – or if a simple distributed ledger will do.</quote>
  • <quote>There’s a surprisingly fuzzy line between a private blockchain and a dressed-up distributed ledger; between the risks of misunderstanding what’s what and PR teams’ drive to fit products into buzzwords, it’s easy for the hype to water down the true potential – a scenario we’re already familiar with from developments like AI. And when hype overtakes reality, disappointment and burst bubbles are never far behind.</quote>



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