Social Discounting Theory answers “How Much Is the Future Worth?” | Slate

How Much Is the Future Worth?; ; Series “Future of the Future,” in Slate;2017-09 (no specific date)


  • Discount Rate
    you know, like from undergraduate B-school.
  • Social Discounting Theory
  • Integrated Assessment Model (IAM)
  • Social Cost of Carbon (SCC)
  • Climate Policy Design


  • pure time preference, definitional; at some educational site
  • three “500-year” storms
  • The Stern Review, referenced via their archives.
  • Some Other Report about The Stern Review, UK; referenced in Their Archives
  • Some book; in Google Books.
  • Some Article; Some Cub Reporter; In The Guardian; 2008-06-26.
  • Nordhaus? Stern?; Some Paper (Stern’s approach to discounting); Hosted at Yale University; 2008-05-03.
  • Nordhaus, Stern; Some Article; with the word “science”; Hosted at Yale University
  • Laurie Johnson; Some Paper; In Some Venue, Surely; 2012; paywall
  • Climate Cost Project
  • An Article; In Science News; WHEN?
  • Burke, Craxton, Kolstad, Onda; Some Paper (a “deep and subtle discussion of discount rates”); 2016.
    <quote>First, we discuss the social cost of carbon (SSC) and how it could be improved, including the consideration of catastrophes, nonmarket damages, impacts in developing countries, growth versus level effects, adaptation, and the use of discount rates. We then turn our attention to the integrated assessment models (IAMs) used in the computation of the SCC, arguing that, in addition to the need for incorporating the latest scientific understanding, we need to examine leading models’ consideration of uncertainty, the aggregation of heterogeneous agents, and technology options. Finally, we look at ways to improve climate policy design, in particular through the use of ex post analyses, insights from behavioral economics, the consideration of technology policy, and considerations specific to the developing world. With significant time and resources, we believe that progress can be made and many of these gaps filled.</quote>
  • canceling the entire project; Some Cub Reporter (SCR); In Politico; 2017-03.
  • Houston Cyptess; at Pro Publica.


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