How Brendan Eich plans to flip the online ad model and fix the web | Digiday

How Brendan Eich plans to flip the online ad model and fix the web; Lucia Moses; In Digiday; 2017-09-28.

tl;dr → Brendan Eich, Brave, Basic Attention Token (BAT); privacy, ad block, tracker block.
and → <quote>It all sounds like utopian, Silicon Valley hippie talk.</quote>


  • Brendan Eich, boffo
    • ex-Mozilla, since 2014.
    • the story:
      • Proposition 8 (no gay marriage)
      • Mozilla is diverse, but not for this.
    • (a) (the) JavaScript booster
  • Brave (browser)
    • 1M UU (one mega-user, one million installs).
    • 7M UU (seven mega-users, seven million installs).
  • Brave (Inc?, LLC?, what?)
    • Brendan Eich
    • Brian Bondy
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
    • 2017-03
    • <blink><buzzzz!>Something about The Blockchain</blink></buzzzz!>
      Something about <quote>micropayments in exchange for <snip/> reading [words]</quote>
    • Currently it’s a “donation” scheme.
  • Google
    • Chrome
    • GMail
    • the lockin
    • Will have ad block (soon)
    • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Facebook
    • an AMP clone.
  • Mozilla, Firefox
  • <quote>Chrome owned 56 percent of the browser market share at the end of 2016, while Mozilla’s Firefox bleeds market share.</quote>
  • Newspaper Association of America
    News Media Alliance

    • 2016-01, was unhappy
      wasn’t there a C&D
    • 2,000 members
      Exemplars, with the honorific: “the stalwarts”

      • The New York Times
      • The Washington Post
      • Dow Jones
  • Lumascape
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
  • Safari
    • Blocks auto-play video
    • Blocks tracking
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)



  • Facebook
  • Google
  • TMZ
    • header bidding
    • tracking


For color, background & verisimilitude…

  • Harvey Anderson, ex- svp of business and legal affairs, Mozilla.
  • Ben Barokas, co-founder of Sourcepoint; ex-Google;
    is a competitor, Sourcepoint has a competing product.
  • David Chavern, CEO, News Media Alliance.
  • Andreas Gal, ex-Mozilla.
  • Darren Herman, staff, Bain Capital; ex-Mozilla
    uses the word “fucking” as a sentence enhancer.
  • Peter Thiel, boffo.


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