Hell is a multi-threaded C++ Program | Mark Bessey

tl;dr → he doesn’t like pthreads. The pthreads abstraction is too low level, being as it delivers merely threads (and not scoped memory management).
and → later he writes about JavaScript futures; he’s from WebOS culture.
and → there was no Rust back in that day and age; he cites Occam & Erlang as exemplary. Later on he cites Haskell as salutary.


  • Tony Hoare, Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP), circa 1985.


  • Deadlock avoidance plan
  • Short lock spans
  • Each threads must have a purpose.
  • A purpose cannot be defined by the occurrence of an external event.


  • Producer-Consumer
  • Barriers
  • BackgroundWorker, google.
  • Pipe-and-Filter.



in His Blog


Via: Herb Sutter; The Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software; In His Blog; 2008

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