The Quitting Economy | Aeon

The quitting economy; Ilana Gershon; In Aeon (Aeon Media, AU); 2017-??
Teaser: When employees are treated as short-term assets, they reinvent themselves as marketable goods, always ready to quit

Ilana Gershon

  • associate professor, anthropology, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Down and Out in the New Economy: How People Find (or Don’t Find) Work Today; University Of Chicago Press; 2017-04-12; 304 pages; ASIN:022645214X; Kindle: $10, paper: $14+SHT.

tl;dr → <quote>The CEO of Me, Inc is a job-quitter for a good reason – the business world has come to agree with Hayek that market value is the best measure of value.</quote>
and → <quote><cliché>As is often the case,</cliché>history brings unintended consequences, even to doctrinaire and theoretical ideas.</quote>


  • neoliberalism, a social philosophy
  • Soviet Union
  • Marxist
  • ultra-individualist ideals
  • Friedrich Hayek
    • 1899-1992
    • Austrian
    • an economist, an Austrian economist
  • Milton Friedman
  • Mont Pelerin Society
  • CEO of Me, Inc. (a metaphor)
  • competition
  • welfare
  • curtailing
  • competition
  • markets
  • strategies
  • global markets
  • undercutting
  • neoliberalism
  • Gary Becker
  • won a Nobel Prize
  • market value
  • company value
  • shareholder interests, short-term interests of shareholders
  • quarterly earnings
  • ethos
  • American Airlines
  • Wall Street
  • long-term obligations
  • pensions
  • worker incentives.
  • white-collar worker
  • an anonymous presenter is quoted (paraphrased), citing the august authority the venue: a (U.C.?) Berkeley Continuing Education Workshop for New Managers.
  • calculus of quitting
    something about the interests of the employee and the company being mis-aligned..
  • Linus Huang
    • performs sociology.
    • employed at (U.C.?) Berkeley.
    • attests to C++ to Java transition tranining.
  • Silicon Valley
  • C++
  • Java
  • getting along with co-workers
    • a calculus of peer-level supplication is proposed
    • needing “an insider” to get past the formal rules, <snide>the fix is IN!</snide>.
  • A friend-of-a-friend is no longer the best way to find a job; Staff (a ‘bot); In Harvard Busniess Review (HBR) 2017-06.
  • Need to perform “passion” (gratitude?)
  • emotional life
  • passion,
    feelings of passion,
    cultivating their feelings of passion,
    cultivating their feelings of passion for tasks,
    cultivating their feelings of passion for tasks that bring market remuneration

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