The OODA loop of Trump’s Insurgency has been Smashed | John Robb

John Robb; The OODA loop of Trump’s Insurgency has been Smashed; In His Blog; 2017-09-15.

tl;dr → Wherein the most powerful thing a man can do is to foretell the future, for that makes him a prophet and peer unto The Prophet, and unto God himself.  John Robb prophesied, back in the day, way back in 2016-Q1; and now he’s telling us, reminding us.  He had foretold unto us, in a newsletter, in a blog.
and → The sooth is sayed.  A report out: based on information, belief, analysis, aspiration & Insight; wherein General John Kelly, in his role as Chief of Staff, is restricting access to Donald J. Trump; this is insinuated to be a coup by any other name, as such by The Military [Industrial Complex]; Donald J. Trump, in response, is no longer slaking his prurient interest.  DJT is not now, nor ever was, the adult in the room.


The Suitcase Words
  • Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA)
  • John Boyd
  • Insurgency, The Insurgency

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