The Coming Tech Backlash | Ross Mayfield

Ross Mayfield; The Coming Tech Backlash; In That Certain Blog at possibly entitled Shift (too much cobranding), sponsored by Newco, but centrally hosted at Medium; 2017-01-03.
Teaser: Tech innovation is killing jobs, not foreign scapegoats, and revolt after Trump will be Luddite
Summary: The tech industry played an influential role in the outcome of the US Presidential election. Not just in providing the medium for Fake News and propaganda. The root cause is job destruction by Automation — that drove a base of dissatisfied rust-belt voters to support Trump. Job destruction is accelerating, and if Tech doesn’t get ahead of this problem, there will be a significant populist backlash against the industry and it’s ability to progress.

Ross Mayfield is CEO & Co-founder, Pingpad; ex-LinkedIn, SlideShare, Socialtext, RateXchange.

tl;dr → The future is foretold. The hipster socialism. A startup is promoted. Robots bad. Need Jobs for the unpublished classes. the lede is buried.  The working classes need Slack addon, Pingpad, that create jobs; a bot-augmented wiki knowledge base.


<quote>Here’s what Ross Mayfield is doing about the Backlash. Also, for an example of augmentation in action, see our bot-augmented wiki for Slack teams


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  • Joi Ito, Jeff Howe; Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future; Grand Central Publishing; 2016-12-06; 320 pages; ASIN:1455544590: Kindle: $15, paper: $5+SHT; separately filled.
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