A Mesh for Picos | Philip Windley

Phil Windley; A Mesh for Picos; In His Blog entitled Technometria; 2017-07.

tl;dr → Add “decentralized” to (centralized) IoT of digital twins & AWS Cloud, Raspberry Pi, JavaScript, Node, github, modern, modern, modern, etc.
and → named Manifold


  • Manifold
  • Mesh [routing]
  • Sovrin,
    An identity recordation service.
  • Address concept: “an URL”
  • Pico Engine
    • A persistent process model; symbolic execution “inside” a virtual machine
    • [New] Pico Engine
    • Classic Pico Engine
  • SquareTag
  • Kynetx
    • Kynetx Rule Engine (KRE)



In archaeological order, in His Blog

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