Chrome 58 enables Widevine DRM and requires HTTPS for streaming | Medium

Jonas Birmé (Eyevinn Technology); This is how Chrome 58 could interrupt your streaming service; In Their Blog, centrally hosted on Medium; 2017-04-11.
Teaser: In next release of Chrome (version 58 now in Beta) to be released on April 25th two significant changes that can have negative impact on your streaming service will be included. If your service is distributing Widevine DRM protected content you need to have streaming over HTTPS and the use of Widevine service certificates.

tl;dr → The web requires DRM and HTTPS nowadays.
and → This was half a year ago, and they seem to have made the transition smoothly.

Original Sources

672605Remove support for EME over non-secure contexts; Project Chrome; 20176-12.


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