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Karl Bode; Wireless Carriers Again Busted Collecting, Selling User Data Without Consent Or Opt Out Tools; Editor; In His Blog entitled Techdirt; 2017-10-19.

tl;dr → They are doing it; And they are doing it without enough consent.

Original Sources

Philip Neustrom (Shotwell Labs);Want To See Something Crazy Open This Link On Your Phone With Wifi Turned Off; In Their Blog, centrally hosted on Medium for syndication and consequent compensation; WHEN? [recently]
Philip Neustrom is proprietor, Shotwell Labs; with co-founder credit.


  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Payfone
  • Danal


  • [Philip Neustrom] also found that the existing opt out mechanisms used by T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and other mobile carriers don’t do a damn thing to prevent this data from being monetized:
  • <quote>US telcos [appear to be are absolutely surely certainly; <guideline>look, if you're going to throw allegations, go for for it, all in; none of those waffle words: "maybe" or "suggests" or "appears to be.". Be BOLD!</guideline>] selling direct, non-anonymized, real-time access to consumer telephone data to third party services — not just federal law enforcement officials — who are then selling access to that data.</quote>
  • Opt-Out is a No-Op, to wit:
    <quote>”AT&T’s “consumer choice” opt-out at didn’t appear to do anything to stop this, even after waiting the stated 48 hours. All of the demos were still working for me on the morning of 2017–10–15 after I had opted out on 2017–10–13. Many users on Twitter and elsewhere also report that AT&T’s opt-out process doesn’t do anything here. Verizon’s “opt-out” pages also may not do anything to prevent this, either (A, B).”</quote>


  • Choice, a consumer options affordance; AT&T.
  • Some video; On YouTube; circa 2014
    tl;dr → a joint AT&T-Danal presentation from 2014 explaining how this [tracking & availability] technology works; allegedly retracted, “pulled” in the freewheeling street lingo of their millieu.
  • tweet; @dakami.
  • Shrouded URL; at t.co.
  • tweet; @SwiftOnSecurity 2017-10-15.


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