Network Information API | W3C

Network Information API; W3C; 2017-10-02.



The NavigatorNetworkInformation Interface

[NoInterfaceObject, Exposed=(Window,Worker)]
interface NavigatorNetworkInformation {
  readonly attribute NetworkInformation connection;
Navigator implements NavigatorNetworkInformation;
WorkerNavigator implements NavigatorNetworkInformation;

The NetworkInformation Interface

interface NetworkInformation : EventTarget {
  readonly attribute ConnectionType type;
  readonly attribute EffectiveConnectionType effectiveType;
  readonly attribute Megabit downlinkMax;
  readonly attribute Megabit downlink;
  readonly attribute Millisecond rtt;
  readonly attribute boolean saveData;
  attribute EventHandler onchange;
typedef unrestricted double Megabit;
typedef unsigned long long Millisecond;

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