File Sharing and Attorney-Client Privilege | Arkham Storage

Amy Pettigrew (Arkham Storage); File Sharing and Attorney-Client Privilege; In Their Blog; 2017-08-10.
Amy Pettigrew, @amypgrew, is CEO of Arkham Storage.
tl;dr → Arkham Storage has a prophyaxis, available now.


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Using a blockchain doesn’t exempt you from securities regulations | Ars Technica

Using a blockchain doesn’t exempt you from securities regulations; ; In Ars Technica; 2017-07-26.
Teaser: A $150 million Ethereum crowdfunding project broke the law, SEC says.

tl;dr → DAO et al. broke the law by offering shares to the public without complying with applicable securities laws, but the SEC won’t prosecute them under their authority to defend the law that they are declared to have broken.

Original Sources

34-81207; a ruling; Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); 2017-07-25.


  • DAO
    • 2016-06
    • $50M stolen
    • re-capitalized with $150 million funny munny.
    • <quote>In short, the DAO fit the conventional definition of an investment security.<quote>
  • Ethereum Classic


the bright line

<quote>If coin owners are promised voting rights in an organization or the right to a share of profits, that’s likely to be a security.
By contrast, if users mostly buy tokens for a utilitarian purpose—for example, to buy network storage—it’s less likely to be a security. </quote>

<quote>The SEC reasoned that if something looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, the law should treat it like a duck.</quote>


  • Brave
  • Filecoin
  • Kik
  • Bancor
  • Tezos


  • ICO → Initial Coin Offering


  • Patrick Murck
    • expert, Berkman Klein Center, Harvard University.
    • ex-general counsel and (ex-)executive director, Bitcoin Foundation, 2012→2015.



Roundup: Roomba selling indoor mapping data

In archaeological order, derivatives & summarizations on top, original work lower down.


  •  iRobot creates cloud sharing
  • data is stored in the cloud.
  • iRobot has independent use rights to the data produced by you.


  • Colin Angle, CEO, iRobot.


<quote>[We may share your personal information with] other parties in connection with any company transaction, such as a merger, sale of all or a portion of company assets or shares, reorganization, financing, change of control or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by another company or third party or in the event of bankruptcy or related or similar proceeding.</quote>
Via: privacy policy, iRobot

Original Sources

iRobot Roomba


New Technology on the Block | Harvard Law Today

New Technology on the Block; Michael Fitzgerald; In Harvard Law Today; ; 2016-10-21; Also: Harvard Law Bulletin, 2016-Fall.
Teaser: Exploring the legal and regulatory implications of the blockchain

tl;dr → hagiography, Primavera “Prima” De Filippi, et al. Berkman Klein Center, Law School, Harvard, University.



  • Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society (BKC), Law School (HLS), Harvard University.
  • Cyberlaw Clinic (CC), Berkman Klein Center (BKC), Law School (HLS), Harvard University.
  • Digital Finance Initiative, CC BKC HLS
    Scope (in the form of databases)

    • a database of intellectual property claims
      to challenge claims of patents on bitcoin technology
    • a database of regulations and laws
      pertaining to the blockchain.
  • Coalition of Automated Legal Applications (COALA)

    • represents
      Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technologies, United Nations (UN)
    • “arms” (sponsors?)
      Working Group on Cryptoequity (blockchain-based web protocols), W3C
    • Community Group for COALA-IP (open web protocol for sharing metadata for IP), W3C
    • launched (funds?)
      Blockchain Research Group, Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)


  • Some Grant, U.S.
    • <ahem>Argument by Reference to a Reigning Authority</ahem>
    • <quote>The U.S. government recently awarded $600,000 in blockchain-related development grants and has suggested that the technology could even be used for secure health care record-keeping.</quote>
  • Some Other Grant, U.K.
    • permission for trial for experimental government use.


  • Ethereum
  • the tokens are not property by themselves,
    the property rights tied to the tokens.
  • broken COALA Global Workshop, 2015-11 ← coalaworkshop
  • DAO
  • Mt. Gox
  • Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Craig Steven Wright
    • Australian
    • a “technologist”
      <snide>Question: and what, exactly, is that?
      Answer: not a member of any State Bar Assocation</snide>
    • claims to be that he is Satpsjo Nakamoto


  • bitcoin
  • transaction
  • miners
  • power (weild power)
  • fail-safe
  • intermediaries
  • mortgage
  • financial institution
  • property
  • basic question
  • enforcing
  • insurance
  • gatekeepers
  • backstop
  • government
  • costs (transaction costs, settlement costs)


In order of appearance.

  • Primavera “Prima” De Filippi
    • ex-(?)Research Fellow, 2013(→2016?), Berkman Klein Center, Law School (HLS), Harvard
    • (permanent) staff, National Center for Scientific Research, Paris, FR
    • Associate, Berkman Klein Center, Law School (HLS), Harvard
  • Patrick Murck
    • Fellow, BKC HLS
      Year 2
    • (ex-) co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation.
  • Jonathan Zittrain
    • Class ’95, Harvard
    • Professor, Law School (HLS), Harvard
    • Director, Berkman Klein Center, Law School (HLS), Harvard
    • Faculty Chair, Berkman Klein Center, Law School (HLS), Harvard
  • Howell Jackson
    • Class ’82
    • Professor, Law School (HLS), Harvard.
    • expert, financial regulation.
  • Travis West
    • Class ’16
    • ex-research assistant, Patrick Murk, until 2016-06.
    • Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Washington, D.C; Jimi Wales Wiki.
  • Chris Bavitz
    • Clinical Professor, Cyberlaw Clinic (CC), Berkman Klein Center (BKC), Law School (HLS), Harvard
    • Managing Director, CC BKC HLS
  • Christopher Crawford
    • Class ’16
    • Student fellow, with Prima De Filippi, Berkman Klein
    • Course work, FinTech Ventures, MIT.
    • (with others) launched a commercial blockchain practice (“a startup”)
      the busniess is not named,
      plan: small international settlements.

Michael Fitzgerald is not credited as a Harvard alum (In an in-house booster pub? Rly?)


  • <quote>“Bitcoin is interesting not because it’s digital money but because it’s digi­tal property</quote>, attributed to Patrick Murck


Big Glass Microphone is a data visualization of a 5km long fiber optic cable buried underneath Stanford University

Eric Rodenbeck (Stamen Design); Big Glass Microphone is a data visualization of a 5km long fiber optic cable buried underneath Stanford University;  In Their Blog, hosted on Medium; 2017-05-15.


Big Glass Microphone, hosted at Stamen Design.

Original Sources>


  • Big Glass Microphone
  • Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology
  • Optasense
    along rail rights-of-way


  • 0–0.6hz, 10–20hz and so on, up to 320 Hertz.
  • 85 to 180 Hz → male voice
  • 165 to 255 Hz. → female voice



Stanford University


<quote>Big Glass Microphone is intended to evoke a sense of wonder about the kinds of detections and interactions that are increasingly common in our uniquitously networked society</quote>



The Best Bitcoin and Ethereum Explainers | Lifehacker

The Best Bitcoin and Ethereum Explainers; Nick Douglas; In Lifehacker; 2017-07-05

tl;dr → <quote>fascinating as a cultural experiment</quote>

Original Sources

Ultimate 3500 Word Plain English Guide Blockchain; Some Cub Reporter (SCR); In The Next Web (TNW); 2017-07-04.
tl;dr → A slightly more technical explanation of how cryptocurrency users handle transactions without a central authority.


You gotta know this stuff. At least for smalltalk at parties.


  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • smart contracts


Clustered in groups, ordered with tutorial & gossip first and documentation last.
Summarizations are cut & paste from the original, with editorializations



  • Some Chart; On Some Blog entitled Blockchain Info
    tl;dr → Bitcoin is valuable at over $45 billion in Funny Munny.
  • Coin Market Capitalization, a promotional site.
  • History of Bitcoin, a promotional site.
    tl;dr → Timeline of Bitcoin’s invention, growth, and major hacks.


  • “Smart contracts” for programmers; In Read The Docs
    tl;dr → A more technical explanation of Ethereum.
  • Cold Storage; In Some Wiki
    tl;dr → storage that is, um, cold. The ways to keep your cryptocurrency safe (which usually involves physical storage).


In LifeHacker

Stanford Uni’s intro to CompSci course adopts JavaScript, bins Java Java’s days are numbered – but it’s a very large number | The Register

Stanford Uni’s intro to CompSci course adopts JavaScript, bins Java; Thomas Claburn, in San Francisco; In The RegisteR; 2017-04-24.
Teaser: Java’s days are numbered – but it’s a very large number

Original Sources

CS department updates introductory courses; Stephanie Brito; In The Stanford Daily; 2017-02-28.


  • Eric Roberts, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University
  • CS 106A, The Art & Science of Java.


  • Stephen O’Grady, co-founder, RedMonk