Leaky PostgreSQL passwords plugged | The Register

Leaky PostgreSQL passwords plugged; Richard Chirgwin; In The Register; 2017-08-13.
Teaser: DBAs: strap on your patching boots. Every DB in your clusters needs work

Original Sources


  • CVE-2017-7547
    • pg_user_mappings
  • CVE-2017-7546
    • 1477184; In Bugzilla at Red Hat
    • Adam Mariš
  • CVE-2017-7548
    • lo_put()

Ad blocking is under attack | Adguard

Andrey Meshkov (Adguard); Ad blocking is under attack; In Their Blog;

tl;dr → An ad Some server was delisted by an ad block list due to a DMCA order.


  • Filter Lists, lists of filters
  • Admiral
  • functionalclam.com




Time Line

2017-08-11, 08:09 GMT
an EFF representative
offered their help to EasyList maintainers.
2017-08-11 11:34 GMT
Filters maintainers commented on the situation
2017-08-11 13:13 GMT
Comment from Admiral
2017-08-11 17:05 GMT
The original DMCA notice is now available
2017-08-11 21:13 GMT
Github representative commented on the situation
commit in the repo of EasyList, 2017-08-10.
tl;dr → The “functionalclam.com” domain was removed with a comment “Removed due to DMCA takedown request”.
2017-07-19 (2017-08-11 – 23 days)
commit, 2017-08-11 minus 23 days
tl;dr → added “functionalclam.com” to EasyList.

  • @dmcahelper (an account at GitHub?) threatened <someone/> or <something/>.
  • A similarity is observed in
    Staff (Block Ad Block); Is Adblock Plus Violating The DMCA; In Their Blog; WHEN?


After Header Bidding: Unified Ad Serving | RTBlog of MediaPost

After Header Bidding: Unified Ad Serving; (staff); In RTBlog, of MediaPost; 2017-08-06.
tl;dr → something about something called unified ad serving. Pubmatic has products in this modality.


Understanding Auction Dynamics; a white paper; PubMatic; 2017-08; 19 pages; (paywalled; pay with PII) landing.



In programmatic advertising
  1. use of header bidding partners
  2. supply-side platform consolidation
  3. infrastructure costs
  4. publisher control
  5. increased focus on ROI and yield
    [how is this different than #3?]


  • Jeffrey K. Hirsch, CMO, “head” of U.S. publisher development, PubMatic


  • Header bidding
  • Programmatic (advertising)
    • Programmatic is not API access
    • Programmatic is not self-serve.
    • Programmatic is not impacted managed service
    • Programmatic is … what the cool kids are doing.
  • Waterfall auctions
  • Device matching
  • Device graph
  • Mobile first
    <snide>means exactly what?</snide>
    <snide2>It means no Wintel, that’s what it means.</snide2>


In MediaPost

Making the Futures Present | Amy Helen Margaret Greyson

Amy Helen Margaret Greyson; Making the Futures Present, report ocadu:1441, Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation; OCAD University; 2016 (2017-02-14) 193 pages; CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
About: OCAD U is an art, design and media university in Canada.

Separately noted.


When Jobs Become Commodities | MIT Sloan Management Review

Thomas H. Davenport (MIT); When Jobs Become Commodities; In Their Blog at Sloan Management Review; 2017-07-21.

tl;dr → promoting his research on <paraphrase>automation through artificial intelligence (AI) or cognitive technologies suggesting that if a job can be outsourced, many of the tasks typically performed by the jobholder can probably be automated — even by relatively “dumb” technologies like robotic process automation.</paraphrase>

Thomas H. Davenport
  • President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College
  • Fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy
  • Outreach


  • <ponderous>The dictionary defines commoditized as… </ponderous>
  • Hedge Fund Research Inc.
    • based in Chicago.
    • A Study. That. Shows.
  • The “robo-advisor” concept
    • Uses passive investing
    • Suggests ETFs based upon survey responses.
    • Absolutely does not churn the account
  • High touch “financial psychiatry” is behavioral finance
    Arguing the prospects down from stupid financial decisions.
  • Something about an employee being less commoditized by participating in the commoditization process.


  • Rishi Ganti, manager, some hedge fund
    Quoted for color, balance & verisimilitude.



In the blog of MIT Sloan Management Review:


Crash Early, Crash Often; ; In His Blog, Ribbonfarm; 2017-07-13

Ribbonfarm Roughs Series

Crash Early, Crash Often

  1. A Beginner’s Guide to Immortality
  2. How to be a Precious Snowflake
  3. Immortality Begins at Forty
  4. Learning to Fly by Missing the Ground
  5. Immortality in the Ocean of Infinite Memories
  6. A Dent in the Universe
  7. Can You Hear Me Now
  8. We Are All Architects Now
  9. Eternal Hypochondria of the Expanding Mind
  10. The Things You Carry
  11. The Art of Agile Leadership
  12. The Epic Struggle between Good and Neutral
  13. Human-Complete Problems
  14. The Principia Misanthropica
  15. Speak Weirdness to Truth

Blockchain Insights Platform of Comcast for 2018

<snide>The answer is “The Blockchain.” The question is …<whisper>what’s it good for again?</whisper></snide>

Coming In 2018: Comcast Hopes To Spur Data Sharing With Blockchain Technology; In Ad Exchanger; 2017-06-20.

Comcast’s Advanced Advertising Group and Participants Announce Blockchain-Based Technology Platform; press release; Comcast; 2017-06-20.
Teaser: New Blockchain insights platform to be developed in collaboration with NBCUniversal, Disney, Altice USA, Channel 4, Cox Communications, Mediaset Italia and TF1 Group. The partnership is aimed at better ad planning, targeting, execution and measurement across screens.
Dateline: PHILADELPHIA, PA (HQ) and CANNES, FRANCE (get it?)
Comcast’s Advanced Advertising Group, a division of Comcast Cable that combines the capabilities of StrataFreeWheel, and Visible World


  • metaXchain
    the technology provider to Comcast
  • Comcast Advanced Advertising Group
  • Blockchain Insights Platform
    • Launch “in” 2018
    • Something with a Merkle tree (blockchain) in it.

Current Scheme

  1. “blind match” → use a credit bureau as a “match partner”; e.g. Experian, Acxiom or other.
  2. “data-for-insights” → trade with another company.


  • <quote>The tool to make data available to blockchain technology will be open-sourced</quote>, attributed to Marcien Janckes.
  • Comcast hopes to eventually open the Blockchain Insights Platform to everyone.


<quote>Imagine segmenting the data you’re willing to sell and locking each segment into different vaults. You decide which advertisers can access specific vaults, and you give them the keys to do so. If a partner wants to act against your auto-intenders and has your permission, it can use its key to find that specific data segment and send its marketing or ad tech stack into the vault to execute the campaign. No data ever leaves, and the blockchain technology, acting as a ledger, records the transaction.</quote>

Threat Model

Some FUD about …

  • data “stealing”
  • IP addresses
  • cross-correlation
  • identity instability via rotation or hashing or obfuscation


  • NBCUniversal
  • Disney
  • Altice USA
  • Cox Communications
  • TF1 Group, FR
  • Channel 4, UK
  • Mediaset Italia, IT


  • Marcien Jenckes, advertising president, Comcast Cable.
  • Ken Brook, co-founder and CEO, metaXchain
  • Will Luttrell, founder, Curren-C (which uses a blockchain, so Luttrell)
    co-founder, ex-CTO, Integral Ad Science.