Reconfiguring Reality: Toward an Internet of Actions, a Conference | IFTF, 2017-10 10- 12

Reconfiguring Reality: Toward an Internet of Actions; Institute for the Future (IFTF); Palo Alto; 2017-10-10 → 2017-10-12.


Behavioral advertising industry slams ePrivacy plans | IAPP

Behavioral advertising industry slams ePrivacy plans; Jennifer Baker (IAPP); In Their Blog; 2017-09-07.

tl;dr → Filler. Quotes for color, background & verisimilitude…

  • The Future Media Lounge event,
  • sponsored by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA)


  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA)
  • ePrivacy Regulation
  • European Parliament


  • Marju Lauristin, ePrivacy Rapporteur
  • Xavier Bouckaert, CEO, Roularta Media Group
  • Angela Mills Wade,
    • board member, EDAA
    • director of EPC
  • Despina Spanou, director for digital society, trust and cybersecurity, European Commission (EC)
  • Sophie In’t Veld, MEP, NE
  • Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, MEP, SE
  • Dan Dalton, MEP, UK (GB?)

A Memo From MMT’s Legal Department | naked capitalism (New Economic Perspectives)

A Memo From MMT’s Legal Department; ; In naked capitalism, syndicated from New Economic Perspectives; 2017-07-18.
Devin Smith, staff, an economist, Corps of Engineers, United States Army.


  • 1st International MMT Congress, 2017-09
    to be held at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
  • A recital of
    • affiliated persons
    • promotional events


  • Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)
  • Job Guarantee
  • Tax obligations create money
  • Tax obligations require wages.
  • Modern Money Network
    • founded 2012
  • Federal Reserve System
  • Rethinking Economics New York
    • a conference
    • Student-organized
    • Sponsors
      • Law School, Columbia University
      • Law School, New York University
      • Economics Department, The New School
  • Association for the Promotion of Political Economy and Law (APPEAL)


Has a moneyness sense

Treasury currency
Commodity Futures Trading Commission commodity
Internal Revenue Service property


<quote>“[A] renewed emphasis on a key legal insight (the government cannot default on debt it issues in its own currency) can lead to an adjustment to economic theory (MMT), which in turn informs a new legal proposal to get past the current, futile […] debate.
It’s a movement from legal insight to economic insight back to legal insight, or L – E – L.
… The legal foundations of MMT make it both scientifically, and normatively, a better theory of our economic system than the dominant paradigms of monetary policy.”</quote>, attributed to Frank Pasquale, circa 2014.

<quote>“Modern money theory explains that political and legal systems for creating, regulating, and distributing money are fundamental to economic prosperity and stability, necessarily shaping (not “distorting”) and facilitating private exchanges of goods and services.
… the economic costs and benefits of public money creation depend on the contingent, complex value-laden questions of how that money is spent and invested and how effectively taxes and other forms of regulation help steer economic and political activity toward the productivity, stability, and legitimacy that will help maintain currency value.”</quote>, attributed to Martha McCluskey, circa 2016.


  • Rania Antonopoulos, Alternate Minister for Combatting Unemployment, Greece
  • Marshall Auerback
  • David Bholat, staff, Advanced Analytics Division, Bank of England
  • Richard Clarida, (former) Assistant Secretary, U.S. Treasury
  • Mathew Forstater
  • James K. Galbraith
  • Philip Harvey
    • Professor, Law, Rutgers University
    • (author) Rep. John Conyers H.R. 1000 towards full employment
      Versions: 114th Congress and many others
  • NAME Innes
  • Stephanie Kelton
  • NAME Knapp
  • NAME Keynes (surely you jeste)
  • Martha McCluskey, Professor, Law, University at Buffalo
  • Frank Pasquale, Professor, Law, University of Maryland
  • Zoltan Pozsar, (former) Senior Advisor, U.S. Treasury Department
  • Amar Reganti, ex-Deputy Director, Office of Debt Management at United States Treasury
  • Beardsley Ruml, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, once upon a time (at least in 1946-01)
  • Joseph Sommer, Legal Counsel, New York Federal Reserve Bank
  • Pavlina Tcherneva
  • Alexis Tsipras, (now-)Prime Minister, Greece,
  • Adair Turner, (former) Chairman, U.K. Financial Services Authority
  • Matias Vernengo, (former) Economic Research Director, Central Bank of Argentina.
  • Randy Wray


Using a blockchain doesn’t exempt you from securities regulations | Ars Technica

Using a blockchain doesn’t exempt you from securities regulations; ; In Ars Technica; 2017-07-26.
Teaser: A $150 million Ethereum crowdfunding project broke the law, SEC says.

tl;dr → DAO et al. broke the law by offering shares to the public without complying with applicable securities laws, but the SEC won’t prosecute them under their authority to defend the law that they are declared to have broken.

Original Sources

34-81207; a ruling; Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); 2017-07-25.


  • DAO
    • 2016-06
    • $50M stolen
    • re-capitalized with $150 million funny munny.
    • <quote>In short, the DAO fit the conventional definition of an investment security.<quote>
  • Ethereum Classic


the bright line

<quote>If coin owners are promised voting rights in an organization or the right to a share of profits, that’s likely to be a security.
By contrast, if users mostly buy tokens for a utilitarian purpose—for example, to buy network storage—it’s less likely to be a security. </quote>

<quote>The SEC reasoned that if something looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, the law should treat it like a duck.</quote>


  • Brave
  • Filecoin
  • Kik
  • Bancor
  • Tezos


  • ICO → Initial Coin Offering


  • Patrick Murck
    • expert, Berkman Klein Center, Harvard University.
    • ex-general counsel and (ex-)executive director, Bitcoin Foundation, 2012→2015.



Anis Uzzaman sues Brandon Hill over sex pest claims, discovers writer is actually a male biz rival • The Register

Valley VC sues blogger over sex pest claims, discovers writer is actually a male biz rival; Katyanna Quach; In The Register; 2017-07-26.
Teaser: ‘Whistleblower’ IP address leads to dude a few miles away.

Original Sources


  • false charges
  • (accused) Anis Uzzaman, CEO, Fenox Venture Capital,
  • (perpetrator) Brandon Hill
    • Daly City, CA
    • CEO of btrax, a marketing agency, San Francisco
  • Comcast supplied IP addresses and log records
  • Hatena, JP; in Japanese.
  • Other factoids about venue (Tokyo), etc.

Evidon Sold To CrownPeak | MediaPost

Evidon Sold To CrownPea; Wendy Davis; In MediaPost; 2017-07-26.


  • Suffix with “tech” to amplify it’s goodness
    • reg-tech
    • ad-tech
    • mar-tech
  • Evidon
    something about Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) AdChoices icon (as a compliance signalling affordance)

    • per Scott Meyer, cited from “earler this year” for 2016ish
      • 45% → Ad Choices badging,
      • 55% → other compliance services.
  • CrownPeak
    something about “web content” mangement
  • $50M
    yes, fifty million doll hairs.
  • Ghostery
    • an ad blocker
    • sold to Cliqz GmbH, DE
    • circa 2017-02.
  • Cliqz GmbH
    • products
      something about bespoke development

      • search
      • browser
    • ownership
      • Hubert Burda Media
      • Mozilla.


  • Scott Meyer, CEO, Evidon


for color, background & verisimilitude
  • Jules Polonetsky, CEO, Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)
    who apparently had nothing to do with the deal at all.


Egor Tsvetkov proves end of privacy is here with image recognition against photos of unconsented persons in urban open spaces

Photographer Proves End of Privacy Is Here Through Photos That Will Blow Your Mind; Someone pseudonymous using the self-asserted Vandita; In Some Blog entitled Anonymous; 2017-03-14.
Teaser: Privacy is for paedos. Google knows what you’re looking for. Facebook knows what you like. The CIA knows how to use your TV/Smartphone to spy on you. Your communications are being monitored 24X7. Still think you have privacy? Take a look at these photos…

Original Sources


  • 55 million users (MAU?)


  • 2015
  • six weeks
  • photos of 100 strangers
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Recover profiles of
  • FindFace


Egor Tsvetkov
  • age 21
  • Russian
  • photographer (he is someone who photographs; similar to a “motorist”)

Cited for color, background & verisimilitude.

  • Alex Preston, scrivener, British, quoted in The Guardian, 2014-08-03.
  • Paul McMullan, reporter, The Guardian; opinement for his employer; 2011-11-29.
  • Stanislav Kozlovsky, an assistant professor, Moscow State University.
  • Christopher Weatherhead, expert, Privacy International.
  • Beth Givens, executive director, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.


  • <quote>We have come to the end of privacy </quote>, attributed to Alex Preston, in an article, in The Guardian, 2014-08-03.
  • <quote>Privacy is for paedos </quote>, attributed to Paul McMullan, the reporter, in an article, in The Guardian; 2011-11-29.
  • <quote>Identifying someone using facial-recognition technology is no longer a privilege of secret services and police departments &emdash; anyone can act like a Web stalker.</quote>, attributed to Vandita herein.


In order of appearance




The original article entitled Photographer Proves End of Privacy Is Here Through Photos That Will Blow Your Mind licensed as a free and open source work. Anyone has permission to republish it article under a license with attribution to the author and .
The summarization appearing herein is of course is, generously, an adaptation, but more reasonably is merely an editorial response. This work is therefore is a wholly new, and is not derivative of the original.

Two Worlds to Understand When Leading Generation Z | Tim Elmore

Tim Elmore; Two Worlds to Understand When Leading Generation Z; In His Blog; 2017-05-18

tl;dr → promotions: a book, a trade show.

Tim Elmore, Andrew McPeak; Marching Off the Map: Inspire Students to Navigate a Brand New World Kindle Edition; Poet Gardener Publishing; 2017-07-25; 328 pages; Amazon:B073VWV563: Kindle: $10, paper: no.

National Leadership Forum of Growing Leaders (LLC?), circa 2017-06.

  • VUCA → Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity
  • TGIF → Thank God It’s Friday! Twitter(SMS-style) Texting, Google, Instagram, Facebook


  • A “smart” world.
  • It’s all different now.



  • Inspire students to own their education and their future
  • Lead students from an attitude of apathy to one of passion through metacognition
  • Enable students to push back from the constant digital distractions and practice mindfulness
  • Raise kids who make healthy progress, both emotionally and intellectually, through their teenage years
  • Give students the tools to handle the complexities of an ever-changing world
  • Understand and practically apply the latest research on Generation Z



  • Vinika Rao, Executive Director, INSEAD?
  • Leonard Sweet (Ph.D.), futurist,
  • Jean Twenge (Ph.D.), U.C. San Diego


A military doctrine, a metaphorical stance in strategic thought. See Jimi Wales’ Wiki. It has seen since been adopted by the HBR crowd to give a muscular sense to their questing activities.
  • Volatility
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Ambiguity

For Elmore & McPeak’s work, the sense is toned down: VUCA for middle school -type social uncertainty, worry for the planet, ambiguity for the life course,etc.The TGIF World

Source: Leonard Sweet, tweet,

  • Texting
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Social media: My stars! Gee Whiz! Kids these days!


Generational Theory

  • Baby Boomers
  • Generation X
  • Generation Y
  • Generation Z


  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality


  • apathy,
  • change,
  • distraction,
  • healthy progress,
  • inspire,
  • latest research.
  • metacognition,
  • mindfullness,
  • passion,
  • resilient,
  • resourceful,
  • role models,
  • teenage.


  • State of (un)readiness; staff; Universum, a lifestyle boutique agency; 2017-03-09 (maybe); 26 slides.
    tl;dr → a panel study, N=18,337, 19 countries (unclear how the interviews were collected, <em<e.g. by web, phone, etc.)
    Teaser: A glimpse of how Generations X, Y and Z believe the workplace should function and the technologies poised to transform it. (Hint: your employees expect things you’re likely unprepared to deliver)
  • Self Driving Car Race Crash Buenos Aires Formula E e-Prix; Some Cub Reporter; In Some Blog; 2017-02-18.
  • Changing Mental Health Todays Teens; In Their Blog; WHEN?
    promoting a podcast, an interview of Dr Jean Twenge.