Revealed: The naughty tricks used by Instart Logic to bypass ad blockers | The Register

Revealed: The naughty tricks used by web ads to bypass blockers; Thomas Claburn (San Francisco); In The Register; 2017-08-11.
Teaser: A behind-the-scenes look at the cat and mouse game played by publishers and devs

tl;dr → the ad blocker blockers and their blocker blocker blockers.



Ignoring content control affordances


Blocker Blockers

a.k.a. The Enforcers

In alphabetical order

Instart Logic
  • California
  • Behaviors
    • disguises third-party network requests so they appear to be first-party network requests.
    • allows ad services used by website publishers to place cookies and serve ads that would otherwise by blocked by the SOP
    • detects when a browser developer console is open for the purpose of concealing code from the <euphemism>technically inclined</euphemism>
    • detects network analysis tools, cite
      • Wireshark
      • Charles Proxy, of Windows

Attempts to block ad block.


Purveyor to the trades of block-ad-block advice, products & services.


Purveyor to the trades of block-ad-block advice, products & services.

  • JavaScipt code that attempts to bypass content blocking
  • <quote>Our JavaScript detects all blocked ad calls, fully recreates them (including targeting) and communicates them to our servers through a secure, undetectable channel that bypasses ad blockers,</quote> An impactful benefits statement.
  • code, as supplied by WHO? Raymond Hill.


a.k.a. The Dissidents
uBlock Origin
  • yes.


  • Peter Blum, VP product management at Instart Logic
  • Raymond Hill, maintains uBlock Origin
  • Luke Mulks, staff, development, Brave



E-Commerce as a Jobs Engine? Michael Mandel’s Unorthodox View | NYT

E-Commerce as a Jobs Engine? One Economist’s Unorthodox View; Andrew Ross Sorkin; In Dealbook, a gossip column, in the The New York Times (NYT); 2017-07-10.

tl;dr → Amazon is good. The government worker-counters are doing it wrong. Use a systems-theoretic whole-view to get the complete accounting; he does that. 1100 words.

Original Source

Michael Mandel; Tech The Creation of a New Middle Class?: A Historical and Analytic Perspective on Job and Wage Growth in the Digital Sector, Part I; a whitepaper; Progressive Policy Institute; 2017-03-09; 17 pages. <snide>Would ya look at that title, that’s a BIG one!</snide>


  • Progressive Policy Institute
    • an idea shop. <quote>a Democratic-leaning think tank</quote>
    • Washington DC
  • Amazon
  • 2007-12 to May 2017-05
  • John Challenger, president of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, outplacement services
    quoted for color, background & countervailing diversity.


  • e-commerce jobs (warehouse work, stuffing boxes), pay about 30 percent more than the brick-and-mortar ones (floor supervisor, making change).
  • <quote>jobs at fulfillment centers are “decent paying,” often full time and usually with benefits.</quote>


  • Michael Mandel, chief economic strategist at the Progressive Policy Institute.
  • John Challenger, president of Challenger, Gray & Christmas


Is Serverless the New Visual Basic? | High Scalability

Is Serverless the New Visual Basic?; staff; In High Scalability; 2017-05-15.
14344500 – A Commentariat; On HackerNews; no comment, total silence.

tl;dr → Yes. Betteridge’s Law. Because <quote>with Serverless, hiring less experienced <snide>devops ‘droids<snide> can work out is better than hiring experienced cloud <snide>devops droids</snide>.</quote>

Original Source

Paul Johnston (movivo); Event-Driven Design Thinking, Outburst #6; In His Blog entitled The ServerlessCast; 2017-05; It’s linear media … you feel your life drifting away as the sonorous tones drone on and on and on, does this never end?  Is there no transcript?
Paul Johnston, CTO, movivo.


Ends with the aphorism Only Time Will Tell. as <quote>It will be interesting to see if Serverless can avoid VB’s fate.</quote>  Call us back when that has transpired.



  • An experienced cloud devops ‘droid will probably think procedurally, in terms of transactional systems, frameworks, and big fat containers that do lots of work.
  • An inexperienced cloud devops ‘droid ‘droid will do whatever is presented in front of it.


A Serverless devops ‘droid needs to think

  • small functions that do one thing
  • linked by events;
  • asynchronous thinking
  • distributed thinking.


Use devops ‘droids with sysadmin skills

  • they have the right stuff.
  • they don’t have the baggage of working with frameworks and servers, etc..


  • A devops ‘droid with a sysadmin background is more likely than a framework ‘droid  to understand the distributed thinking that goes with building an entire system of events.
  • Once a system is built up, out, over, the experienced devops ‘droid class will get bored because Serverless systems don’t require the same amount of maintenance.
  • devops drods do understand event systems.
  • framework ‘droids do not understand event systems
  • framework ‘droids get bored, and remediate that in unconstructive ways.
  • event systems require less maintenance than frameworks.
  • frameworks require more maintenance than event systems.
  • framework ‘droids mostly do maintenance anyway;
    that’s all you’re buying, at the higher price point: maintenance of the shiny.


  • Need but two years of vo-tech on-the-job training
  • Hire younger, hungrier devops ‘droids who don’t have that experience behind them.

“younger, hungrier” and “less experienced” also means cheaper


Like Visual Basic, Serverless radically reduces the expertise needed to write a cloud program.


Visual Basic …

Reduces the expertise needed to write a cloud Windows program.

Visual Basic programs are a Big Ball of Mud.
  • are technical debt bombs.
  • hard to understand
  • hard to change
  • hard to test
  • poorly designed.
Visual Basic programs
  • have business logic is in the event handlers
  • no layering
  • the GUI is the orchestrator
  • are hard to test
  • use global variables
  • no separation of concerns
  • coupling is high
  • cohesion is low
Serverless has The Indicted Pattern

In Serverless <snip/> the database effectively becomes a store for global variables.

The Actually Distributed Web | Doc Searls, Linux Journal

The Actually Distributed Web; Doc Searls; In His Blog, at Linux Journal; 2017-08-08.

tl;dr → ICO IPFS FTW!



Of Marshall McLuhan, contra Harold Innis.

The Tetrad of Media Effects
  • “technology” is media, indeed “everything” is media.
  • the introduction of new media causes change in the millieu.
  • the new medium, four effects as a 2×2 combinator.
  • Ground
  • Figure
  • What is enhanced?
  • What is obsoleted?
  • What is recovered (from obsolescence)
  • What is reversed (transformed), at the limit, any limit?

The last is very high concept: as in <quote ref=”there“>Acoustic radio flips into audio-visual TV.<quote>.
Pretty sure that the FCC doesn’t see it that way; nor does the NCEES; but this is media theory so it’s all compos mentis.



Analysis attributable to the author, Doc Searls.

Crypto Currencies
  • Enhance → exchange.
  • Retrieve → the bazaar.
  • Obsolesce → fiat currency.
  • Reverse → mutual unintelligibility, no exchange
    <metaphorical>isolated islands, walled gardens</metaphorical>).
Distributed Ledgers
  • Enhance → peer-to-peer.
  • Retrieve → individual agency.
  • Obsolesce → platform dominance.
  • Reverse → into one-to-one
    <refine>into peer-to-peer?</refine>.

Via Why. The Web, of HTTP, cannot (or has not) <quote>

  • HTTP is inefficient and inexpensive…with video delivery, a P2P approach could save 60% in bandwidth costs <claime/d>.
  • Humanity’s history is deleted daily…IPFS provides historic versioning (like git) and makes it simple to set up resilient networks for mirroring of data.
  • The web’s centralization limits opportunity…IPFS remains true to the original vision of the open and flat web, but delivers the technology which makes that vision a reality.
  • Our apps are addicted to the backbone…IPFS powers the creation of diversely resilient networks which enable persistent availability with or without Internet backbone connectivity.

Via How. The IPFS presents a (non-POSIX, yet POSIX-similar) hierarchical filesystem metaphor as a unifying artifice, wherein <quote>:

  • Each file and all of the blocks within it are given a unique fingerprint called a cryptographic hash.
  • IPFS removes duplications across the network and tracks version history for every file. <responsive>Uniqueness in time and space.</responsive>
  • Each network node stores only content it is interested in and some indexing information that helps figure out who is storing what. <responsive>What if no network is interested for a brief period? Who shall suffer the little files, the lost blocks, the unloved & unwanted slabs?</responsive>
  • When looking up files, you’re asking the network to find nodes storing the content behind a unique hash.
  • Every file can be found by human-readable names using a decentralized naming system called IPNS.
    <responsive>Like The DNS?</responsive>


Avatars, Talismans

<quote>feudal castles of what in Europe</quote>

Old World Order
  • AOL
  • CompuServe
  • BSD
  • Linux
  • UNIX
New World Order
  • Google Alphabet
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Apple

GAFA → Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.
No Microsoft? FAMA? GAMF? <sic>MAGA?</sic>



  • Juan Benet
    • founder, Protocol Labs
    • inventor credit, IPFS
    •, an SMTP address.
    • @JuanBenet, a Twitter address screen name?
  • Tim Berners-Lee, a priori.
  • Brad Burnham, Union Square Ventures.
  • Brendan Eich, Brave; hagiography.
  • Marshall McLuhan, a theorist; hagiography
  • Linus Torvalds, a priori.
  • Phil Windley, chair (emcee), Sovrin Foundation.



Thematic Wikis
Jimi Wales’ Wiki


In Linux Journal




Bitcoin IRA

Seems to be just that: A schemevehicle which sells beneficial interest in the Bitcoin commodity under the Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) system. Seems legit.


  • No prospectus.
  • You have to sign up with PII to hear more.
  • A salesbot will call.



  • Edmund C. Moy (Chief Strategist)
  • Amith B. Nirgunarthy (Director of Marketing)


Heavy in the SEM space


Delivery of details requires PII



Roundup on Onavo Protect VPN used to inform Facebook UX, M&A | Houseparty contra Bonfire, On This Day contra Timehop

In archaeological order…

tl;dr → Onavo is a VPN. Facebook snoops the traffic on it to grok trends. Trend highlights cause cloned features in Facebook UX or deal flow at Facebook M&A.

  • The Washington Post piece goes broad to illustrate the pattern across a wide range of business lines and a long time span.
  • The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) piece goes deep to focus on travel log: group video chat with Facebook’s attempt to acqui-hire Houseparty prior to the launch of Bonfire in 2017-Q4 (“in the Fall”).

Separately noted.

Check Your Inbox: Google Warns Publishers Serving Annoying Ads | Advertising Age

Check Your Inbox: Google Warns Publishers Serving Annoying Ads; ; In Advertising Age; 2017-08-08.


  • Better Ads Standard
  • Coalition for Better Ads.
    the Justice League-type group; i.e. brand vigilantes


  • Google,
  • Facebook,
  • Procter & Gamble,
  • Unilever,
  • The Washington Post,
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB),
  • GroupM,
  • Association of National Advertisers (ANA).


The Iconic Brands
  • Betty Crocker
    General Mills

There is just one iconic brand.

The Violators
  • Betty Crocker, brand promotional site, General Mills,
  • Forbes,
  • New York Daily News,
  • Los Angeles Times,
  • The Independent,
  • TV Guide,
  • Chicago Tribune,
  • LifeHacker,
  • ZDNet,
  • PCMag,
  • Orlando Sun-Sentinel,
  • Washington Times,
  • Eurogamer
  • Chicago Sun-Times.
  • iconic brand
  • ad-buying giant
  • self-appointed hero
  • Justice League-type group (per DC Comics)


<quote>”This is long overdue and it is the browser’s job to fix it, The whole rise of ad blocking would have been materially different if it was just the annoying ads that were being targeted. I think the notion of stripping the web of the bad and keeping the good will go over universally well for publishers who have a business to run.”" attributed to Andrew Casale.
<snide>And how much is the adtech (“the trade”) paying browser builders to do their job?</snide>


i.e. Rumor (or perhaps Fiction)
a.k.a. <cool-speak>On Deep Background</cool-speak>

<quote>Indeed, the Coalition has also begun reaching out to other major browser makers to see if they would be interested in blocking “annoying” ads, according to people with direct knowledge of the conversations.<quote>
<quote>people with direct knowledge of the conversations</quote>, that’s who.


  • Scott Spencer, director of product management, Google.
  • Ben Gerst, senior VP of product development, Tronc.
  • Andrew Casale, CEO, Index Exchange.



In Ad Age

Leading with commas — ugly or efficient? An investigation over 320 GB of SQL code | Hackernoon

Leading with commas — ugly or efficient? An investigation over 320 GB of SQL code;
Felipe Hoffa (staff?); In Hackernoon; 2017-07-26.
Teaser: Winning arguments with data: Let’s analyze 320 Gigabytes of open source SQL code to determine if we should use trailing or leading commas. Popularity is not enough — can we determine which style leads to success?
Felipe Hoffa, Developer Advocate @Google, San Francisco


# trailing commas
SELECT name,
FROM `employees`
WHERE state='CA'
# leading commas
  , company
  , salary
  , state
  , city
FROM `employees`
WHERE state='CA'


  • Categories
    • Leading Commas → fewest projects
    • Mixed Style → some more
    • Trailing Commas → the majority
  • Projects that allow a mix of styles show the most success.
  • Projects that enforce leading commas
    •  don’t show as much success as mixed
    • more successful than trailing
  • The trend is stable throughout the years  2016 & 2017.


presented as an image, not as data:


  • BigQuery
  • SQL is shown.


WITH comma_lines_per_files AS  (
    SELECT sample_repo_name, sample_stars_2016, sample_stars 
      , REGEXP_CONTAINS(line, r',\s*$') has_trailing 
      , REGEXP_CONTAINS(line, r'^\s*,') has_leading
      , line
    FROM `fh-bigquery.github_extracts.contents_sql`
      , UNNEST(SPLIT(content, '\n')) line
    WHERE line LIKE '%,%'
    AND LENGTH(line)>5
), stats_per_repo AS (
  SELECT sample_repo_name
    , MAX(has_leading) has_leading
    , MAX(has_trailing) has_trailing
    , ANY_VALUE(line) sample_line
    , ANY_VALUE(sample_stars) stars
    , ANY_VALUE(sample_stars_2016) stars_2016
    , (SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT FROM `githubarchive.month.2017*` WHERE sample_repo_name = AND type='WatchEvent') stars_2017
    , (SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT FROM `githubarchive.month.2017*` WHERE sample_repo_name = actors_2017
    , (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `githubarchive.month.2017*` WHERE sample_repo_name = activity_2017
  FROM comma_lines_per_files
  GROUP BY sample_repo_name
SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT sample_repo_name) repos
  , IF(has_trailing, IF(has_leading, 'both', 'trailing'), IF(has_leading, 'leading', 'none')) commas 
  , ROUND(AVG(stars), 2) avg_stars
  , ROUND(AVG(stars_2016), 2) stars_2016
  , ROUND(AVG(stars_2017), 2) stars_2017
  , ROUND(AVG(actors_2017), 2) actors_2017
  , ROUND(AVG(activity_2017), 2) activity_2017
  , STRING_AGG(sample_repo_name ORDER BY stars DESC LIMIT 3) top_repos
FROM stats_per_repo
GROUP BY commas
ORDER BY repos
repos commas stars stars17 actors17 activity17 top_repos 571 leading 22.99 7.36 10.04 39.89 drone/drone,aspnetboilerplate/aspnetboilerplate,HazyResearch/deepdiv2847 both true 29.37 6.44 11.73 156.63 apache/spark,begriffs/postgrest,mybatis/mybatis-3  
5933 none false 20.05 4.8 7.57 54.43 ajaxorg/ace,zulip/zulip,fivethirtyeight/data  
69665 trailing false 13.06 3.22 5.49 43.68 Microsoft/vscode,rails/rails,kubernetes/kubernetes

How “Demo-or-Die” Helped My Career | Danah Boyd

Danah Boyd “danah boyd”; How “Demo-or-Die” Helped My Career; In Her Blog hosted on Medium; 2017-08-01

tl;dr → Dr. Boyd doesdid like busking; it is unbecoming. She has better patrons now. She is first smong equal of the peers she cites. But she learned something by that experience.


Molly Steenson; Architectural Intelligence: How Designers and Architects Created the Digital Landscap, MIT Press; 2017-10-27; 320 pages; Amazon:0262037068: Kindle: no, paper: $35+SHT.


<quote> Everything about what I do as a researcher is rooted in the goal of using empirical work to help challenge people’s assumptions and generate new frames that people can work with. <snip/>And that requires being able to explain your thinking to anyone at any moment. And that’s the skill that I learned from the “demo-or-die” culture.</quote>



  • “handwaving,” attributed to Stewart Brand.
  • “deploy-or-die,” attributed to Joi Ito.
  • “publish-or-perish,” in academia, attributed to Nicholas Negroponte as “dismissal.”


  • Stewart Brand
  • Judith Donath
  • Joi Ito
  • Nicholas Negroponte


  • Stewart Brand; The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at M.I.T.; Penguin Books; 1989-09-03; some pages; Amazon:B017YC9V3I: kindle: no, paper: $11+SHT.
  • Molly Steenson; Architectural Intelligence: How Designers and Architects Created the Digital Landscap, MIT Press; 2017-10-27; 320 pages; Amazon:0262037068: Kindle: no, paper: $35+SHT.
  • Joi Ito opines “Deploy-Or-Die”; Some Cub Reporter; In O’Reilly Media; 2014-04.

Yet Another Blockchain Explainer <baiting>Read This And You Can Stop Pretending You Understand Blockchain</baiting> | CMO (Magazine) by Adobe

Read This And You Can Stop Pretending You Understand Blockchain; David Cooperstein (Figurr); In CMO (Magazine) by Adobe; 2017-08-07.
David Cooperstein
is CEO Figurr.


Begins with an artistic flair of a tag cloud containing the big word Blockchain…


  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum



The Stragety-Speak

  • <quote>Large enterprises are more responsive to mass disruption now than they were in the ’90s<snip/></quote>
  • <quote>Amazon, Expedia, Facebook, and others by defending their traditional turfs.</quote>
  • <quote>Here are some of the “Web 1.0” attempts being made today</quote>
  • <quote><snip/>is developing tools for first-party data-matching that provides an airtight layer between the data used for targeting and the media placements it impacts.</quote>

The Magical Thinking

  • <quote>More secure identity management and third-party data purchasing: Privacy bombs will continue to plague businesses, but blockchain could put a layer of protection on future data breaches.</quote>
  • <quote>This Ethereum-based network gives users a validated and referenceable source for their posts </quote> The URL, the URI, the URN, etc.
  • Much more is on the horizon, with a lot more companies poised to rise and fall on the sword of blockchain development.
  • <quote>But for those of us who remember the “black and white TV” days of the web, this will be a thrilling mix of victories, failures, and changes that will make today’s digital environment seem simplistic in comparison.</quote>
  • incumbent


  • ICO → a security minting operation
  • SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)




In CMO (Magazine) …