The Dentist’s Office Is a New Front in the Fight Against Domestic Violence | Slate

The Dentist’s Office Is a New Front in the Fight Against Domestic Violence; Ruth Graham; In Slate; 2017-05-31.

Original Source

Dentists are pushed to screen patients for domestic abuse — and offer help; Megan Thielking; In Stat; 2017-05-31.


  • P.A.N.D.A., short for “prevent abuse and neglect through dental awareness.”
  • Sue Camardese
    • “runs” the mid-Atlantic branch
  • Licensing requirements
    • Maryland
    • “looked into it”
      • Pennsylvania
      • North Carolina
      • South Carolina
      • Tennessee
  • Tufts University

Defensive Computing | O’Reilly

Defensive computing; Mike Loukides; In O’Reilly Media; 2017-05-31
Teaser: The tools of defensive computing, whether they involve mascara and face paint or random autonomous web browsing, belong to the harsh reality we’ve built.

tl;dr → generalized-handwringing
<quote> What other defensive tools will we see? I don’t know, but I’ll be watching </quote>


  • ad blockers
    Are the same but different.



In O’Reilly Media

  • The Computing Of Distrust; 2015-01-05.
    Teaser: A look at what lies ahead in the disenchanted age of postmodern computing.
  • The Ethics of Face Recognition; 2017-12-13.
    Teaser: We need AI researchers who are actively trying to defeat AI systems and exposing their inadequacies.


AppNexus and Facebook lead Prebid server-to-server header bidding drive to challenge ‘digital monopoly’ | The Drum


  • PreBid server, documentation, at AppNexus
    • open source
    • “free to [vetted] publishers”


  • Drew Bradstock, senior vice president of product, Index Exchange
  • Michael Richardson, product manager, marketplace, AppNexus.
  • Evan Simeone, SVP of product development, PubMatic.

The Existential Pain of Being Young, White, and Affluent | The Atlantic (2013)

The Existential Pain of Being Young, White, and Affluent; Liz Kulze; In The Atlantic; 2013-03.
Teaser: Abuse of prescription drugs is most common among those who enjoyed the most advantages in adolescence, causing some to rethink the consequences of privilege.

tl;dr → there is unappreciated & latent drug abuse among the affluents


Jessica Y. Ho; Mortality Under Age 50 Accounts For Much Of The Fact That US Life Expectancy Lags That Of Other High-Income Countries; In Health Affairs, Vol 32, No 3; 2013-03; 10 pages; landing.


Life expectancy at birth in the United States is among the lowest of all high-income countries. Most recent studies have concentrated on older ages, finding that Americans have a lower life expectancy at age fifty and experience higher levels of disease and disability than do their counterparts in other industrialized nations. Using cross-national mortality data to identify the key age groups and causes of death responsible for these shortfalls, I found that mortality differences below age fifty account for two-thirds of the gap in life expectancy at birth between American males and their counterparts in sixteen comparison countries. Among females, the figure is two-fifths. The major causes of death responsible for the below-fifty trends are unintentional injuries, including drug overdose—a fact that constitutes the most striking finding from this study; noncommunicable diseases; perinatal conditions, such as pregnancy complications and birth trauma; and homicide. In all, this study highlights the importance of focusing on younger ages and on policies both to prevent the major causes of death below age fifty and to reduce social inequalities.


  • <qute>Bereft of any authentic sense of self and the grit it takes to form one, and relentlessly pushed to socially defined ends, a privileged adolescence becomes the consummate breeding ground for self-harm, however unintended. </quote>
  • Madeline Levine; The Price of Privilege; Publisher; Date; Price; separately noted, separately tagged


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Ad Blockers Are Employed by 10% of U.S. Desktop Users, comScore Finds | WSJ

Ad Blockers Are Employed by 10% of U.S. Desktop Users, comScore Finds; Jack Marshall; In The Wall Street Journal (WSJ); 2016-04-01.
Teaser: Data suggest ad-blocking adoption remained stable during the second half of last year


  • Point
    • comScore
  • Conterpoint
    • PageFair
    • Adobe


In The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)


Housing Bust Lingers for Generation X | WSJ

Housing Bust Lingers for Generation X; Chris Kirkham; In The Wall Street Journal (WSJ); 2016-04-08.
Teaser: Ownership rates went from first to last, interrupting market’s direction for years to come

Original Sources

  • A Study. That. Shows.; uncited; Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. 2016.
  • A Study. That. Shows.; uncited; National Association of Realtors (NAR); 2015.


  • Generation X


End Start Generation
2004 1985 Millennials
1984 1965 Generation X
1964 1946 (Baby) Boomers
1945 1925 Silent

See also


  • Rick Sharga, executive vice president,, a real-estate brokerage.
  • Dowell Myers, a professor of urban planning and demography at the University of Southern California.


  • Xavier Texidor
    <quote>33 years old, and his wife have bought and lost two homes outside Jacksonville, Florida., since he was in his early 20s.</quote>
  • Tim Mustard
    <quote>49, is among those who believe renting is the best choice. He and his wife bought a home in Irvine, California., in 2003. As home values escalated through the mid-2000s, the couple refinanced their mortgage twice and took out a home-equity loan.</quote>
  • Daniel Danyus
    <quote>34, <snip>[Jacksonville, Florida]<snip> He and his wife lost three properties to short sales after getting in over their heads during the boom. <snip>became a real-estate broker</snip></quote>


For Silicon Valley, the Hangover Begins | WSJ

For Silicon Valley, the Hangover Begins; Rolfe Winkler; In The Wall Street Journal (WSJ); 2016-02-19.
Teaser: With venture-capital investors increasingly nervous, once-hot tech startups are retrenching

Original Sources


  • Practice Fusion Inc.
    • Lauren Burris
      ex-director of programs & engagement through 2015-09.
    • Something electronic health records
    • Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
    • 2013 funding of $85M at a $635M valuation.
    • Ryan Howard, founder
      • replaced by Tom Langan, chief commercial officer,
    • Beth Seidenberg, partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
    • Rebecca Lynn, Morgenthaler Ventures
      led an early investment in Practice Fusion
  • Magic Leap Inc.,
    product: “mixed reality” glasses
  • Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Foursquare Labs Inc.
    • Dennis Crowley, CEO
  • DoorDash
  • Janrain Inc.
  • Down rounds
    • Foursquare Labs Inc.
      a down round 69% discount, 2016-01.
    • DoorDash
      a down round, 16% discount, 2015-12.
    • Janrain Inc.
      a down round, 50% discount
  • Debt financing
    • DraftKings
  • Austerity
    • TangoMe, Inc.
  • Glassdoor Inc.
  • Make-Good, Participation
    • AppDynamics
    • DoorDash


  • Down rounds
  • Slower deal flow


  • Rory O’Driscoll, a partner, Scale Venture Partners.
  • Martin Day, CFO, Janrain
  • Eric Setton, co-founder and chief executive, TangoMe Inc.,

Venture capital deal-making signals the party’s over | San Francisco Business Times

Venture capital deal-making signals the party’s over; Mark Calvey; In The San Francisco Business Times; 2016-02-22.

Original Sources


  • FlexScore
    sold to United Capital
  • Fenwick & West, a study.
  • Practice Fusion Inc.

Four fundamentals of workplace automation | McKinsey & Company

Four fundamentals of workplace automation; Michael Chui, James Manyika, Mehdi Miremadi; Insights & Publications; McKinsey & Company; 2015-11.
Teaser: As the automation of physical and knowledge work advances, many jobs will be redefined rather than eliminated—at least in the short term.

  • Michael Chui, principal, McKinsey Global Institute.
  • James Manyika, director, McKinsey Global Institute.
  • Mehdi Miremadi, principal McKinsey, Chicago IL.

tl;dr → much “white collar,” mid-skill, air-conditioned officework can be automated.


  1. The automation of activities
  2. The redefinition of jobs and business processes
  3. The impact on high-wage occupations
  4. The future of creativity and meaning


  • Model
    • Occupations
    • Activities (required to perform the Occupation)
    • Capabilities
  • Concepts
    • Potential to automate (the occupation)
  • Tableau Public, an animated visualization; McKinsey Global Institute.
  • <quote>[Their] research is ongoing, and in 2016, we will release a detailed repor</quote>
  • O’NET; a government program, a data source; Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor,  United States.
  • Something about creativity (and meaning in work)
    <commentariat>How does one measure or even pay for creativity?
    Feels like something that is a freebie thrown in after the unanswerable value is provided (e.g., trade clearing, physical item delivery, tonsil removed, etc.).</commentariat>


  • Watson, IBM
  • Baxter, Rethink Robotics
  • DeepMind
  • driverless car, Google.


Shifting Video Viewing Behavior [should be] Forcing Publishers To Revamp Their Cross-Device Programming Strategy | StreamingMedia

Shifting Video Viewing Behavior Is Forcing Publishers To Revamp Their Cross-Device Programming Strategy; Dan Rayburn; In StreamingMedia; 2016-02-03


  • Sources
  • 40 (new) minutes of daily video viewing.
  • “mobile UNcrossover” has happened, a transition back to desktop viewing
    • 2015-09 → mobile:desktop :: 81:19
    • 2015-12 → mobile:desktop : 53:47
  • Therefore
    <quote>By better engaging the user in mobile, publishers can organically drive them to desktop where there is higher video adoption and lower bounce which translates into more videos completed per session and more ads served.</quote>


  • Amazon
  • Netflix


  • TV Everywhere (TVE), the Adobe product to the cable industry
  • Sssssss Video on Demand (SVOD)
    Session Video on Demand (SVOD)
  • Over The Top (OTT)