Google’s plan to block certain ads in Chrome is making ad executives nervous and fueling conspiracy talk | Business Insider

Google’s plan to block certain ads in Chrome is making ad executives nervous and fueling conspiracy talk; Mike Shields; In Business Insider; 2017-10-27.

tl;dr → Google’s Coalition for Better Ads is non-transparent. Many have FUD.


  • Google
  • Parsec
    • runs proscribed ads
    • will have to abandon that practice
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
    honorific: <quote>the leading digital-ad trade group</quote>
  • Venable,
    Venable is a purveyor of legal services to the trades.


The Better Ads Standards
  1. auto-play video with sound
  2. mobile full screen rollover (takeover), statement
  3. ten other types, not enumerated
    (there are twelve proscribed creative types)




two tiers (three tiers)
  1. Google
  2. Tier 1, dues required.
  3. Tier 2, dues required.


  • “dozens of members”
  • Exemplars
    (dropping some names that you are expected to recognize)

    • Google,
    • IAB,
    • GroupM,
    • Procter & Gamble,
    • Thompson Reuters.


For color, background & verisimilitude…

  • Anonymous, spox, Google
  • Marc Guldimann, CEO, Parsec
    is against it.
  • Harry Kargman, CEO, Kargo,
    Kargo is in media arbitrage & agency work,
    is against it.
  • Gefen Lamdan, senior vice president, Celtra.
    Celtra is an agency,
    is against it.
  • Ari Lewine, co-founder, chief strategy officer, Triplelift.
    is against it; was vague, mentioned Facebook, Google.
  • Brendan McCormick, spox, Venable
  • Jim Spanfeller
    • honorific: an industry veteran,
    • ex-GM, attributed as “who once ran”
    • founder The Daily Meal, (a blog)
  • Troy Young, president digital, Hearst Media.
    like it; opines Google’s viewpoint on Google’s media.



In Business Insider

Check Your Inbox: Google Warns Publishers Serving Annoying Ads | Advertising Age

Check Your Inbox: Google Warns Publishers Serving Annoying Ads; ; In Advertising Age; 2017-08-08.


  • Better Ads Standard
  • Coalition for Better Ads.
    the Justice League-type group; i.e. brand vigilantes


  • Google,
  • Facebook,
  • Procter & Gamble,
  • Unilever,
  • The Washington Post,
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB),
  • GroupM,
  • Association of National Advertisers (ANA).


The Iconic Brands
  • Betty Crocker
    General Mills

There is just one iconic brand.

The Violators
  • Betty Crocker, brand promotional site, General Mills,
  • Forbes,
  • New York Daily News,
  • Los Angeles Times,
  • The Independent,
  • TV Guide,
  • Chicago Tribune,
  • LifeHacker,
  • ZDNet,
  • PCMag,
  • Orlando Sun-Sentinel,
  • Washington Times,
  • Eurogamer
  • Chicago Sun-Times.
  • iconic brand
  • ad-buying giant
  • self-appointed hero
  • Justice League-type group (per DC Comics)


<quote>”This is long overdue and it is the browser’s job to fix it, The whole rise of ad blocking would have been materially different if it was just the annoying ads that were being targeted. I think the notion of stripping the web of the bad and keeping the good will go over universally well for publishers who have a business to run.”" attributed to Andrew Casale.
<snide>And how much is the adtech (“the trade”) paying browser builders to do their job?</snide>


i.e. Rumor (or perhaps Fiction)
a.k.a. <cool-speak>On Deep Background</cool-speak>

<quote>Indeed, the Coalition has also begun reaching out to other major browser makers to see if they would be interested in blocking “annoying” ads, according to people with direct knowledge of the conversations.<quote>
<quote>people with direct knowledge of the conversations</quote>, that’s who.


  • Scott Spencer, director of product management, Google.
  • Ben Gerst, senior VP of product development, Tronc.
  • Andrew Casale, CEO, Index Exchange.



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