C++17 in details: Parallel Algorithms | Bartłomiej Filipek

Bartłomiej Filipek <noreply@blogger.com>;  C++17 in details: Parallel Algorithms; In His Blog; 2017-08-17.


The C++14 Standard: What You Need to Know | Dr Dobb’s

The C++14 Standard: What You Need to Know; Mark Nelson; In Dr. Dobb’s; 2014-09-16.



  • Welcome Back to C++ (Modern C++); Microsoft Developer Network; 2013
    for Visual Studio 2013
  • Stack scope contra static or global scope
  • Auto type inference contra explicit type names
  • Smart pointers
  • std::string, std::wstring in lieu of char[] and wchar_t[]; from <string>
  • STL Containers: <vector> <list> <map>
  • STL Algorithms
  • Exceptions
  • STL Lock-free inter-thread Communication std::atomic<> from <atomic>
  • Lambda functions
  • Range-based loops


  • Type deduction for function return types
    the auto return type
  • Generic Lambdas
    the auto parameter type declaration
  • Initialized Lambda Captures
    e.g. auto y = [&r = x, x = x+1, p=std::move(p)](...)->int {...}
  • The [[deprecated]] Attribute
    and compiler flag -Wdeprecated-declarations
    e.g. class [[deprecated]] flaky { ... };
  • Binary Literals
    with the 0b prefix
    e.g.  0b010101010101
  • Digit Separators
    with the single-quote separator
    e.g.  1'000'000.00.
  • Variable templates; unclear
  • Expansion of compile-time evaluation; for constexprfunctions
    • multiple returns,
    • internal case (switch) statements,
    • internal if statements,
    • loops,
    • (and more!)
  • Sized deallocations
  • “and some syntax tidying.”

An Effective C++11/14 Sampler | Scott Meyers

Scott Meyers; An Effective C++11/14 Sampler; At Going Native 2013; On Channel 9; 2013-09-05; 1:14:45.


After years of intensive study (first of C++0x, then of C++11, and most recently of C++14), Scott thinks he finally has a clue. About the effective use of C++11, that is (including C++14 revisions). At last year’s Going Native, Herb Sutter predicted that Scott would produce a new version of Effective C++ in the 2013-14 time frame, and Scott’s working on proving him almost right. Rather than revise Effective C++, Scott decided to write a new book that focuses exclusively on C++11/14: on the things the experts almost always do (or almost always avoid doing) to produce clear, efficient, effective code. In this presentation, Scott will present a taste of the Items he expects to include in Effective C++11/14. If all goes as planned, he’ll also solicit your help in choosing a cover for the book.

N3710: Specifying the absence of “out of thin air” results (LWG2265)

Hans-J. Boehm et al.; N3710 Specifying the absence of “out of thin air” results; also LWG2265; 2013-08-29.

Peter Sewell; C11/C++11 mappings to processors; On His Place, Cambridge University; 2011-12-22.