Social media intelligence and profiling in the insurance industry… | Privacy International

Tom Fisher (Privacy International); Social media intelligence and profiling in the insurance industry…; In Their Blog, centrally hosted on Medium; 2017-04-24.
Tom Fisher is Dr. Tom Fisher, staff, Privacy International.

tl;dr → VisualDNA, Big Data Scoring (BDS) provide personality profiling & scoring.


  • Admiral Insurance
  • FirstCarQuote, a product of Admiral Insurance
  • Personality Profiling
  • Social Media Intelligence
    defined as <quote>to make predictions and decisions about people.</quote>
  • Personality estimation, via Facebook “data”
  • 2016-11
  • Facebook Platform Policy
    as necessary, to cessate ensmallen these embarassments.
  • Big Data Scoring
  • VisualDNA
  • Some Query from compare.php; At Some Site, perhaps doing business as (dba) Paranoid Paul
  • First Car Quote
    • has a mandatory Facebook sign in
    • relaunched
      • with a mandatory “login via Facebook”
      • analysis of Facebook posts
      • “voluntary” personality quiz
  • ZestFinance, team
[Facebook] Account Information
  • name
  • email address
  • gender
  • birth date
  • current city
  • profile picture
  • sells personality profiling
  • for credit scoring
  • purveying to lenders.
  • <quote>patented and unique psychometric tests to credit assessment</quote>
  • Credit and Risk
  • Concept
    • “thin-file” subjects.
    • assist with credit scoring.
    • Axes
      • “openness”
      • “neuroticism”
      • “emotional stability”
      • [what happened to] “conscientiousness”
  • coulddo suggest overconfidence
    • sentence length
    • use of exclamation marks
    • words like “always” or “never” (as opposed to “maybe”)
  • a measure of organization (conscientiousness)
    • arranging to make appointments at a specific time, rather than a generic “this evening”

Big Data Scoring (BDS)

  • Erki Kert, CEO and co-founder.
  • a credit scoring services
  • sells to Admiral
  • commencing 2016-03
Digital Footprint DATA
  • original product
  • a loan default propensity score
  • offered 2013–04
  • based on Facebook “data”
    • profile data
    • status updates
    • likes
    • locations
  • <quote>5,000–10,000 lines of data for each client</quote>, sourced from page.

Other Schemes

  • China → “social credit score,” a total awareness scheme.
  • India → some lender, using Twitter posts on politics.


  • Yossi Borenstein, “head” of risk analtycs, VisualDNA
  • Erki Kert, CEO and co-founder, Big Data Scoring (BDS).
  • Douglas Merrill, CEO, ZestFinance; ex- Chief Information Officer (CIO), Google