What Ash Read Learned When He Tried Being Authentic at Buffer, His Employer | Fast Company

What I Learned When I Tried Being Authentic At Work; Ash Read; In Fast Company; 2016-01-22.
Teaser: Studies found that more than half of us cover up part of our identity to fit in at work, so what does it take to be authentic at work?
Ash Read is a content farmistcrafter, on staff at Buffer.


Ash Read; What Does It Mean to Bring Your ‘Whole Self’ to Work?; In Some Blog as Buffer; 2016-01-17.
Ash Read is a content craftistfarmer on staff at Buffer.


(the benefits)
  1. [He] learned to embrace vulnerability in [his] writing
  2. [He] experienced what it feels like to value kind over clever
  3. [He] made time to reflect.


  • Authenticity, authentic
  • Happiness
  • Holism
  • Kind vs Clever



What is wholeness
  • Leave nothing at the door.
  • Wholeness at home.
Make time to reflect
  • You deliberately find time for reflection, because that’s where your life-changing adjustments come from.
  • You have a calm approach to discussions and ponder points in your own time.
  • You find time to jump out of the tranches into the higher-level thinking that will move the needle.
  • You understand the value of patience and treat it as a muscle which needs practice to grow.




From the content farm

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Adrian Wooldrich; The Coming Tech-Lash; In The Economist; 2013-11-18.
Teaser: The tech elite will join bankers and oilmen in public demonology, predicts Adrian Wooldridge


As a litany of an indictment.

  • <quote>So far they have succeeded in protecting themselves from the tax authorities and shareholders alike.</quote>
  • <quote>Geeks have turned out to be some of the most ruthless capitalists around.</quote>
  • <quote>They employ remarkably few people</quote>
  • <quote>At the same time the tech tycoons have displayed a banker-like enthusiasm for hoovering up public subsidies and then avoiding taxes.</quote>
  • <quote>But tech giants have structured their businesses so that they give as little back as possible.</quote>
  • <quote>Top techies are upping their profile in politics. This is partly by design: they are employing an army of Washington lobbyists to advance their interests.</quote>

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; How the ’60s Counterculture Is Still Driving the Tech Revolution; In Techonomy; 2013-11-20.

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