How the Frightful Five Put Start-Ups in a Lose-Lose Situation | NYT

How the Frightful Five Put Start-Ups in a Lose-Lose Situation; Farhad Manjoo; In The New York Times (NYT); 2017-10-18.
Teaser: The tech giants are too big. But so what? Hasn’t that always been the case?

tl;dr → Betterid’ge’s Law.  No. ]this time it’s different]
and → Problematizing the space, a jeremiad.
bad → Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft. branded as “The Frightful Five”


  • Frightful Five = Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft.
    Manjoo’s epithet for the circumscribed scope of these oped pieces ref
  • #sturtups
  • IBM
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Facebppl
  • Snapchat Stproes
  • Instagram
  • IAC
    • Origin
      • Barry Diller [Barry Diller's money]
    • Properties
      • Expedia
      • Tinder
      • Vimeo
      • Angi Homeservices, = Angie’s List + HomeAdvisor.


  • Dara Khosrowshahi, ex-CEO, Expedia.
  • Joey Levin,, chief executive, Uber; ex-chief executive of IAC.
  • Chris Terrill, chief executive, Angi Homeservices.


  • Clayton Christiansen, boffo.
  • Barry Diller, boffo; media tycoon, television.
  • Joseph Shumpeter, boffo.



In archaeological order, in The New York Times (NYT)…

Wall Street Firms to Move Trillions to Blockchains in 2018 | IEEE Spectrum

Wall Street Firms to Move Trillions to Blockchains in 2018; Amy Nordrum; In IEEE Spectrum; 2017-09-29.
Teaser: The finance industry is eagerly adopting the blockchain, a technology that early fans hoped would obliterate the finance industry

tl;dr → Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) will trial something with a blockchain in the title.


Separately noted.

Partnership on AI

Partnership on AI
Uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) so it only “works” on a handset form factor is “mobile first” [scrape-scroll down, which is non-obvious in the officework environment]


Line 1
  • Amazon
  • Apple
Line 2
  • DeepMind, of Google
  • Google, of Alphabet (GOOG)
Line 3
  • Facebook
  • IBM
  • Microsoft

Separately noted.

Advertising Trade Groups Object to Safari’s New Intelligent Tracking Protection | John Gruber

John Gruber; Daring Fireball: Advertising Trade Groups Object to Safari’s New Intelligent Tracking Protection; In His Blog; 2017-09-16.

tl;dr → the gloating. Big Bad Apple pulled one over on Big Bad AdTech.  Gruber a Cupertino boosterist. Quotes from the Microsoft pantheon are exhibited.


Every Major Advertising Group Is Blasting Apple for Blocking Cookies in the Safari Browser; ; In Ad Week; 2017-09-14.
Teaser: They argue it’ll hurt user experience and campaign targeting


  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
  • American Advertising Federation (AAF)
  • Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
  • Trade Group Name with Four ‘A’s in it (4A)
    American Association of Advanced Advertisers (AAAA, 4A)
    American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As)



Grand ideas from 12 disruptive marketing thought leaders distilled into 6 marketing & advertising predictions for 2030 | Michael Haupt

1Michael Haupt; Grand ideas from 12 disruptive marketing thought leaders distilled into 6 marketing & advertising predictions for 2030; In His Blog, centrally hosted on Medium; 2016-11-11.
Teaser: Grand ideas from 12 disruptive marketing thought leaders distilled into 6 marketing & advertising predictions for 2030.

tl;dr → What’s hot circa 2015: Interactive Voice Response, The Data Licentiate, The Universal Dossier, (Ever-more) Precise Targeting, Propensity Prediction


  1. The End of Privacy Concerns
  2. The Transfer of Data Ownership
  3. The End of Broadcast Advertising
  4. The Rise of Personal ChatBots
  5. The Shift Toward Evolved Enterprises (more services, more persuasion)
  6. The Shift From Communicating to Predicting


  1. Jay Abraham
  2. Paul Adams
  3. Alex Bogusky
  4. Cindy Gallop
  5. Seth Godin
  6. Bob Hoffman
  7. Naomi Klein
  8. Kalle Lasn
  9. Mary Meeker
  10. Al Ries & Laura Ries
  11. Luke Sullivan
  12. Monte Wilson
  • Peter Diamandis
  • Ray Kurzweil
  • Gerd Leonhard
  • Mat Schlicht


  • A universal history approach.
    as technological megashifts
    • Funding: $23M, Series B funding.
  • Additive Manufacturing
    his neologism for 3-dimensional Printing (3D Printing)
  • The consumer (the users) are the product, of the social venues.
  • Something about predictive analytics (propensity scoring) in content marketing
    but the concept is not developed.
  • Precision>target audiencesto timely circumstances</quote>


Understood as transitions current state to next state.

Concern Current State Next State
Focus Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Creativity, Originality, Reciprocity, Empathy and Intuition (COREI)
World Rational, Logical, Predictable Random, Empatetic, Emotional
World View Mechanistic Ecological
Interactions Competition and Manipulation Collaboration and Problem Solving
Organizations Hierarchical Command & Control Circles, Swarms, Swirls
Fetish Efficiency, Cost Reduction, Speed, Profit Connection, Nurturing, Love.


In order of apparance in the work…

Social Venues

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Siri of Apple
  • Cortana of Microsoft
  • Now of Google
  • Echo of Amazon
    (sic) Alexa
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • HTC
  • Samsung


  • Infinite Computing
  • Artificial Super-Intelligence
  • Sensors & Networks
  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality:


Jay Abraham
Jimi Wales’ Wiki.
Paul Adams
ex-Google, ex-Facebook, “head” of product, Intercom.
Grouped; Publisher?; 2011; ASIN:0321804112: Kindle: $20?
Alex Bogusky
Jimi Wales’ Wiki.
The 9-Inch Diet; Publisher; 2009; ASIN:157687320X: Kindle: $20?
tl;dr → Burger King is bad.
Peter Diamandis
Cindy Gallop
Honorific: is brash.
Make Love Not Porn, a talk, at Theater, Entertainment, Distraction (TED), hosted on YouTube; WHEN? (these performances typically run ~20 min).
Seth Godin
Claimed: has popularized “permission marketing.”
Bob Hoffman
Scrivener, the Ad Contrarian, a blog <quote>who’s been “making marketers uncomfortable since 2013.</quote>
Naomi Klein
Jimi Wales’ Wiki
Honorific: an activist.
Claimed: branding is oppression.
No Logo; Publisher?; 2000; ASIN:000734077X: Kindle: $20?
Ray Kurzweil
Chief futurist, Google.
Kalle Lasn
Jimi Wales’ Wiki
Founder, Adbusters (magazine).
“Chief architect,” Occupy Wall Street Movement.
Claimed: consumerism is evil.
Culture Jam: America’s Suicidal Binge; Publisher?; WHEN? ASIN:B00DY4O5GE: Kindle: $20?
Gerd Leonhard
Seer, booster.
Mary Meeker
Staff, Partner title?, Kleiner Perkins, Caulfield & Byers (KPCB)
Claimed: publishes Internet Trends, serial slideware, annual.
Al Ries
Jimi Wales’ Wiki
Claimed: “the father of positioning”
Al Reis, Laura Reis, The Fall of Advertising; self-published (ebook); 209; ASIN:B000FC11PG: Kindle: $20?
Website, Al & Laura Ries, father and daughter marketing strategists
Laura Ries
Jimi Wales’ Wiki
Al Reis, Laura Reis; The Fall of Advertising; ibidem.
Website, ibidem.
Luke Sullivan
Hey Whipple, Squeeze This; Publisher?; WHEN? ASIN:B01AVKWLCS: Kindle: $20?; Website Twitter.
tl;dr → <quote>a diatribe</quote>.
Matt Schlicht
Monte Wilson
ex-Adobe, Oracle, EMC.
Some Talk; At Some Venue, hosted On YouTube; 2016.
tl;dr → on the scientism of “sided” brain thinking.



In His Blog


Also His Blog

W3C Payment Request API is Being Implemented in All Major Browsers | ProgrammableWeb

W3C Payment Request API is Being Implemented in All Major Browsers; Janet Wagner; In ProgrammableWeb; 2017-09-20.

Original Sources



  • Chrome,
  • Edge,
  • Firefox,
  • WebKit.
  • Facebook
    • Facebook Messenger Extensions SDK
  • Samsung
    • Samsung Internet for Android 5.


For color, background & verisimilitude…

  • Ian Jacobs, Lead, Web Payments Working Group, W3C.
  • Lukasz Olejnik, expert
    • Dr. Lukasz Olejnik
    • site

As Microsoft Joins Coalition for Better Ads, Blocking by Browsers Looks Set to Spread | Advertising Age

As Microsoft Joins Coalition for Better Ads, Blocking by Browsers Looks Set to Spread; ; In Advertising Age; 2017-09-20.

tl;dr → Microsoft has joined the Coalition for Better Ads.

Original Sources

Rik van der Kooi (Microsoft); Microsoft Joins The Coalition For Better Ads; In Their Blog; 2017-09.
Rik van der Kooi is corporate VP for search advertising, Microsoft.


  • Microsoft
  • Coalition for Better Ads (CBA)
    • for Chrome
    • of Google
  • Edge
    • a browser
    • of Microsoft
  • <could><eventually>unilaterally block ads that coalition research editorial has deemed annoying.</eventually></could>
  • Google
  • Will call it “ad filtering” going forward
    <quote>The term “blocking” carries a lot of baggage.</quote>
  • <quote>Chrome browser will start “filtering” in “early” 2018.
  • Digital Content Next
    • a trade association
    • for online publishers
    • member, CBA
  • Adblock Plus
    • Eyeo
    • <quote>charges [large] companies fees to participate in its whitelisting program<quote>
    • The business model is extortion, attributed to Randall Rothenberg.
      The spox of Microsoft did not <quote>immediately respond to a request for comment on that point.</quote> [but did she later?]


  • Procter & Gamble
  • Unilever
  • WPP’s GroupM
  • Facebook
  • Thomson, of Reuters
  • The Washington Post
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
  • Association of National Advertisers (4As)
  • Digital Content Next, a trade association for online publishers and a coalition member itself.
  • <ahem>…and more!</ahem>


For color, background &&amp verisimilitude…

  • A spox, a ‘droid, presented as a woman, Microsoft.
  • Rik van der Kooi, corporate VP for search advertising, Microsoft.
  • Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft.
  • Jason Kint, CEO, Digital Content Next.
  • Randall Rothenberg, CEO, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).


In Advertising Age

Once a Running Joke, LinkedIn Is Suddenly a Hot Social Network: LinkedIn is Now Optimized for Content Marketing | Ad Week

Once a Running Joke, LinkedIn Is Suddenly a Hot Social Network. Here’s What Changed;  ; In Ad Week; 2017-09-??.
Teaser: Content marketers found their happy place. Over the past two years, LinkedIn has added new lead-generation and targeting tools.


  • Microsoft
  • LinkedIn is still running at a loss.
  • Pull quotes from various persons unrelated to LinkedIn (Microsoft).
    e.g. “LinkedIn is the Facebook for b-to-b marketers,” attributed to some pundit.

WikiLeaks Dump Reveals a Creepy CIA Location-Tracking Trick | Wired

WikiLeaks Dump Reveals a Creepy CIA Location-Tracking; Lily Hay Newman; In Wired; 2017-06-28.


  • WiFi
  • CIA
  • ELSA, a codename.
  • Windows 7
  • Extended Service Set Identifier (ESSI)
  • Media Access Control (MAC) [Address]
  • Alex McGeorge, staff, Immunity (a boutique)
  • Public WiFi databases
    • Google
    • Microsoft


Microsoft’s Edge browser will offer ad blocking (update: with third-party extensions) | Engadget

Microsoft’s Edge browser will offer ad blocking (update: with third-party extensions)Steve Dent; In Engadget; 2016-03-31.
Teaser: Third-part extensions Adblock and Adblock Plus are now supported.

tl;dr → never mind, the reporters didn’t fact check.

Original Sources

  • Microsoft plans to build ad blocker into its Microsoft Edge browser; ; In ZDNet; 2016-03-30.
    Teaser: In a session for Web developers today, Microsoft highlighted ad blocker capabilities in its Edge browser. [Updated with comment from Microsoft]
    <quote>Microsoft is not building a native ad blocker with Microsoft Edge. What you saw is a reference to the work we’re already doing in bringing extensions to Microsoft Edge, as mentioned in the latest blog as 3rd party ad blocker support.</quote>


  • no