The Coming Tech-Lash | The Economist

Adrian Wooldrich; The Coming Tech-Lash; In The Economist; 2013-11-18.
Teaser: The tech elite will join bankers and oilmen in public demonology, predicts Adrian Wooldridge


As a litany of an indictment.

  • <quote>So far they have succeeded in protecting themselves from the tax authorities and shareholders alike.</quote>
  • <quote>Geeks have turned out to be some of the most ruthless capitalists around.</quote>
  • <quote>They employ remarkably few people</quote>
  • <quote>At the same time the tech tycoons have displayed a banker-like enthusiasm for hoovering up public subsidies and then avoiding taxes.</quote>
  • <quote>But tech giants have structured their businesses so that they give as little back as possible.</quote>
  • <quote>Top techies are upping their profile in politics. This is partly by design: they are employing an army of Washington lobbyists to advance their interests.</quote>